5 Festive Fall Foods to Boost Your Sex Drive

The season you’ve been waiting for all year is finally here- the season of thanks and the season of giving. So, if you want some thanks for what you’re giving when getting silly in the bedroom this holiday season, then you might want to give one, or all, of these five sex drive boosting foods a hero’s place on your festive table to ensure that your sleighbells keep “a jinglin’”.


I know there is a joke here to be made about how you handle your nuts this holiday season, but I just can’t put my finger on it. What I do know is that walnuts are packed with omega-3 fatty acids that do a world of good for your body’s production of dopamine and the amino acid, arginine, which both go a long way to improving circulation and relaxing blood vessels. How is this good for your sex drive? Well it can help with rosy cheeks, flush red lips, and what it does “down stairs” well, it could get me on the “naughty list”.


Cloves get the hero title, but a lot of the warming spices that make up that holiday pumpkin spice are amazing for your sex drive. Cloves, along with nutmeg and cinnamon, also help with blood flow and circulation which goes a long way to helping “spice it up” in the bedroom when you take your “cloves” off.

Pumpkin Seeds

We don’t want to see just the spice that goes into your pumpkin pie or pumpkin spiced whatever get you in the mood for love. The point is, pumpkin seeds have a high amount of zinc which helps the fellas with producing testosterone and helps the ladies maintain a healthy sex drive. And here you were throwing them out while carving pumpkins…shame.


Not only are cranberries excellent for helping with UTIs, they are also an excellent Irish rock band. Neither will help you in the bedroom, unless you need some background music, but cranberries are a major source of Vitamin C which helps in the production of sex hormones and Vitamin B which has been proven to help maintain libido.

Sweet Potato

The humble sweet potato has been overlooked for so long, but it’s so good for you on so many levels. On the horizontal level (see what I did there?), sweet potato is high in potassium which helps combat high blood pressure which is one of the major factors behind erectile dysfunction. We hope that this list helps not only improve your holiday dinner table but helps with “dessert” this Thanksgiving.