Breast Thermography

Breast Thermography

Breast ThermographyThermography uses a type of infrared technology that detects and records temperature changes on the surface of the skin. *It can help screen for breast cancer. A thermal infrared camera takes a picture of the areas of different temperature in the breasts. The camera displays these patterns as a sort of heat map.

When a cancerous growth develops, there may be excessive formation of blood vessels and inflammation in the breast tissue. These show up on the infrared image as areas with a higher skin temperature.


  • It is a noninvasive, noncontact procedure that does not involve compressing the breast.
  • It does not involve exposure to radiation, and people can use it safely over time.
  • It can detect vascular changes in breast tissue that may indicate the presence of breast cancer many years before other methods of screening can.
  • It can detect changes in breasts with dense tissue and implants.
  • Hormonal and menstrual changes do not affect the procedure or the results.

*Please note that this technology can only alert a person to changes that may need further investigation.