Can CBD Improve Your Sex Life?

Can CBD Improve Your Sex Life?
Scientific research proves that the versatility of the cannabis plant is not only beneficial in the management of some health complications but it also induces new vitality to your sex life. This has a practicality inimitable by any other substance offered and works like a charm every time you use it. CBD which is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid helps you relax and get more sensitive making every sexual experience a euphoric one. The human mind naturally yearns for food, water, sleep, and sex. Sex is a primal instinct; clearly, no one can downplay the importance of quality sex in enhancing the life they live. The cat is already out of the bag and more people are now conscious of the exhilarating effects of CBD making it a demanded lifestyle product. Many people use alcoholic products to loosen up their daily tensions as well as lowering their inhibitions. No matter the outcome achieved alcohol comes with more drawbacks with one developing tolerance and getting hangovers. CBD has acted as a lucrative alternative letting you have the best of cannabis without the psychoactive effects. This brings a whole new perspective to life and the good thing is that the product is not closed to certain age groups and is recommended for all consenting adults of legal age.

Invigorating Your Sex Life with CBD

Having CBD by your bedside helps you fight the good fight and win while at it if you catch my drift. Many benefits arise from using CBD to spice up your sex leaving you and your partner contented and more connected.

Sexual Vigor

CBD has had a greater impact on victims of erectile dysfunction. Cannabinoids play a central role in repairing damaged tissues hence increasing the blood flow into the genitals. Chances are in your favor if you are a victim of the condition as you can be guaranteed of a thunderous erection every time you use CBD products. Cannabinoids spike your energy levels letting you get creative in bed to maximize pleasure. Research has proven that as men age their sexual potency decreases as their bodies generate more dioxin leading to erectile dysfunction. Dioxin is toxic to sexual health and men in this age group are encouraged to use CBD as it completely eliminates this compound. The girls love it too as they claim CBD is their direct ticket to cloud nine giggling their way to a burst of orgasms with heightened senses. Girls no longer have to suffer virginal dryness, hangovers or undesirable stupors from the use of alcohol. The aftermath of canoodling with CBD is good sleep and waking up all rested and energetic.

Pain Relief and Increased Sensation

Some people report feeling pain when they engage in sexual intercourse. This is a complication that can be easily remedied by the use of cannabinoids. CBD products have been customized to suit multiple applications, for instance, the lubrication oils for women which are rubbed on their genitalia during sex. Cannabinoids not only increase the flow of blood but with continued use they act as a stimulant for natural lubrication in women. Women going through menopause cherish CBD as it decreases inflammation while increasing the level of serotonin in the body. With high levels of serotonin, your climax will be a roller coaster of sexual pleasure. CBD, therefore, adjusts any abnormalities in your sexual health making you have a desirable sexual longing. It is not unusual for sexual desire to be lost which is often caused by complications in the sexual excitation and sexual inhibition systems. These systems need to function hand in hand for you to get into that carefree amorous mood. CBD enhances the function of the two systems in reducing stress and anxiousness bind using appropriate chemical reactions. Ways of Using CBD to Enrich Sex


Of late this product has been selling like hotcakes which are a good thing as it is helping a lot of couples improve their sex life. They are offered with the option of CBD and THC enriched lubes but without the effects of regular cannabis that make an individual psychoactive. CBD lubes are offered in an assortment of oils hence are not compatible with latex. The probability of condoms breaking with the use of CBD lubes is considerably high. Women have reported having sensational sex with the lube as it relieves pain by relaxing their tissues for a smooth penetration.

Mixed Strains

Combining two or more different strains of cannabis will surely get you fired up huffing and puffing in bed just like a professional athlete. For instance, the popular dance world strain combines Juanita la Lagrimosa with Dancehall giving you a burst of energy without making you high. Different strains are at your disposal today serving different purposes Get your sexual motor rumbling. Microdosing Microdosing involves using sizeable doses of under 2.5 or 5 mg of CBD cannabis. This relaxes you in a subtle way and heightens your senses without making you high. Microdosing keeps you alert and focused eliminating all other distractions other than ravishing your partner.