Experience the Power – Custom, Plant-Based Supplements

Custom, plant-based supplements power your immune system and provide protection.

Factors in your everyday environment, like stress from work, taking medications, even your cell phone, can wreak major havoc on your health and leave you feeling depleted and below your prime.

You can create a life of limitless potential with custom, plant-based supplements. After we have completed an epigenetic hair scan evaluation, we order a 90 day custom, plant-based supplement supply based specifically on your unique results.

After those first 90 days we’ll run another report (because our bodies are constantly changing and adapting to the epigenetic influencers) and adjust as necessary your supplement plan to energize and revitalize you to your maximum potential.

Epigenetics is redefining the way we approach wellness; proving that our environments are the key factor in how our genes express themselves and the impact they have on our daily lives. The changes we experience occur because the human body is constantly adapting to a new way of doing things to be more efficient.

We’ll eliminate food sensitivity items, add some foods which meet your personal nutritional indicators and encourage you to make other healthy lifestyle choices based on your own optimized report.

As your nutrition and environment changes your body needs to constantly adapt to these changes. Modern lifestyles make it difficult for us to gain and maintain an optimum state so our customized 90-day plan is designed to help you achieve this through supporting and reinforcing efficiency in your unique system. 

Try it and feel the difference for yourself.