Listen, no two people are the same. We are all a bit biologically different. Success starts with a thorough assessment using the world’s most advanced testing methods. 

If you choose a performance evaluation, we dedicate an entire day to evaluating you. By combining diverse, advanced testing methods we examine you indepth in order to find the most effective path to your wellness goals.

Getting off course is a given with today’s toxic environment. It is easy to stay on the desired course provided you have a proactive mindset, the correct monitoring, and a meaningful strategy.


We take a very close look at who you really are at a cellular level in order to decide the best approach to guiding you on a journey to your goals. Scroll below to explore the wide variety of testing methods we use to ensure we get the best picture of your current health.

Next Generation Testing

“Dr. Roy looks at EVERYTHING.She spends time identifying the root cause of your issues so that she can find the RIGHT SOLUTION.It doesn’t matter is your challenges are erectile dysfunction or memory changes. She says… there is always an underlying cause that has to be addressed”