It is well known that cognitive ability declines with age and there are many age-related neurological problems such as dementia and decreased memory that can decrease quality of life and reduce mental acuity and performance.

NAD is a naturally occurring coenzyme that recent studies have revealed slows the aging process by restoring telomeres (the caps on the end of chromosomes that shorten with age). NAD improves mental clarity and also restores cognitive function. It has been shown to maintain DNA health and integrity and plays a significant part in redox reactions (oxidation-reduction), while also working as a sort of “quality control” in the production of proteins and as a regulator of the body’s circadian rhythm, just to name a few of the cellular benefits NAD provides us with.

However, as with many of the body’s enzymes, NAD declines over time. NAD+ IV treatments can help protect against neurodegenerative diseases, maintain and protect mental clarity, and focus, for a healthier and happier quality of life.

Benefits of NAD IV Therapy Include:

∙Boost energy levels and reduce overall fatigue
∙Improved brain health and neurological function
∙Improved mental clarity
∙Improved brain regeneration
∙Improved focus and concentration
∙Boosted mood and reduced depression
∙Improved memory
∙Restore muscle function
∙Improve athletic performance
∙Prevent and reverse damage to DNA
∙Reverse and the slow aging process
∙Restore healthy skin & reduce wrinkles
∙Improved metabolism & weight loss
∙Cell restoration

Our Neuro-Ω-ish™ Program utilizes the many functions of NAD and is designed to strengthen, calm, heal, focus and support optimal brain function and performance. A healthy, high-functioning brain helps you stay in the game and even improve your game as you age. 

We help you fine-tune, reset and fix your brain using technology and diagnostic advances that stack the deck in your favor. The fear of Alzheimer’s and other devastating neurodegenerative diseases are real and research is showing that changes in the brain that become Alzheimer’s start 20 years before symptoms appear. 

Early diagnosis and proper intervention can reverse these changes and prevent disease. Specific evaluation, detection, prevention, and intervention change the trajectory from disease to wellness.  There are very advanced blood tests that can be done to identify the cause of the problem and therefore to reveal the solution and prevention of disease.