As a successful corporate executive, we know that there will always be competing demands on your time – not only professionally, but also personally. Finding time to exercise might feel like yet another task to tick off the list – but here’s exactly why you should always make it a priority.

The fitter you get, the more awesome your sex life is likely to be.

In fact, exercise is such a powerful aphrodisiac that working out only 30 minutes a day – according to the experts at Harvard Health – can lead to a 40% drop in the threat of erectile dysfunction, while studies show that a daily orgasm can reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men by the same percentage! If your partner exercises, even better – the same Harvard study noted an almost 170% increase in sexual arousal amongst women who cycle only 20 minutes a day!

The takeaway? Getting fit leads to great sex – for you and your partner.

Fit to Perform?

Being fit to perform requires two flip sides of the same coin – exercising (to boost strength & stamina, aid heart health & immunity, and boost overall fitness) – and relaxing (yes, really!) to ensure that you are sleeping well and allowing your body time to recover, rejuvenate & repair. You ultimately need to balance these two critical elements to be truly on top of your game. Without either, you risk losing a whole host of performance benefits – including sexual performance.


There’s Always a Bill to Pay

The long hours you spend burning the candle at both ends – those early mornings spent working on a major pitch, and those evenings filled with entertaining clients – can lead to awesome financial & reputational professional returns. But it can mean that you hit the pillow later and later every night, trading rest at home for results at work.

It’s no big deal, though, right? After all, isn’t that what’s coffee for?

Well…not really! While we love a great early morning Java hit as much as the next person, it’s sadly no substitute for great sleep – or the general alertness that a regular exercise regime can give you. And when it comes to trading in a few hours of rest or a few workouts for a few extra hours in the office, there’s ultimately always going to be a bill to pay. And what most people don’t realize is that bill often comes calling in the form of a sexual performance deficit.

Here’s why.


Sleep, Exercise & Sex: Intimate Bedfellows

Sleep, exercise, and sex are literally bedfellows, intimately linked, and powerfully dependent on one another. Exercise directly stimulates deeper, higher-quality REM sleep, helps the cardiovascular system to stimulate blood flow (which directly facilitates more powerful erections & orgasms) & rapidly improves sexual stamina. Exercise also positively influences libido and powers up testosterone levels, making you feel more sexual, confident & energetic in bed, stimulating your sex drive & desire for intimacy & enhancing vitality. Heightened testosterone translates to more impressive outcomes in the office, too, powering focus, competitiveness, cognitive acuity & confidence, making the effects of fitness truly transferable from the bedroom to the board room.

And the effect of sleep on sex? Profound.

In fact, the American Sleep Foundation reports that sleep deprivation directly undermines sexual performance so powerfully that it can notably disrupt & impair libido, arousal, erections, erectile strength & orgasms. In short, you need great sleep to enjoy great sex.

It’s a two-way street, too. Great sex leads to great orgasms. The oxytocin and prolactin released when you ejaculate powers deep sleep, which, in turn, is scientifically proven to power sexual performance. Ultimately, we know that sleep, sex, and exercise power each other, and when one link in the chain falters, all three can fall apart.

Need more persuasion? Higher-quality sleep (built in the bedroom) and a leaner physique (built in the gym!) leads to a whole host of benefits, enhanced self-confidence, more energy, greater sexual stamina & endurance, improved cardiovascular health, and a more muscular body – all of which translates to a more enjoyable sex life & greater physical attraction for you and your partner.  


Fit to Perform?

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