Garbage IN… Garbage OUT!

IV Nutritional Therapy
Pepsi and cookies for breakfast!

SERIOUSLY!  This is what is being served as a 10am snack at a traditional medical conference.  

I arrive to the hotel at 5pm on a Wednesday evening for the beginning of the conference.  This is the “every 2 year” required medical education conference I DREAD going to but I have to in order to renew my medical license. Here is why I have the same dread every year… We talk about DISEASE diagnosis and DISEASE management.  We talk about medical errors and covering your butt…  How to safely prescribe opioids and ALL the hoops one has to jump through to stay out of trouble. It’s not that the presenters are bad people.  These are really smart doctors who are doing their best.  The PROBLEM IS that they obviously don’t know any better.
They know about disease!  They know how to manage disease but they know NOTHING about health, wellness and longevity. These are the same doctors who prescribe you steroid cream for your rash and NEVER ask you about your diet.  The same one who suggest you lose weight but have no clue how to advise you.  In fact, they themselves are likely overweight, fatigued and just plan unhappy. You should have seen how these POISONS were devoured… every meal, every snack, every day of the conference.
And we WONDER what is wrong with the US Healthcare System.  The problem is that there is NO HEALTH IN HEALTHCARE these days.


Disease doesn’t just happen.  Disease is developed and takes years of development to finally manifest symptoms.  This applies for all human health challenges. Everything from Dementia, Heart Disease, Erectile Dysfunction, etc.   Get into Doctors Studio for a complete and comprehensive evaluation BEFORE you start having symptoms!