Juliet Vaginal Rejuvenation

Juliet Laser Vaginal Tightening

Juliet Laser Vaginal Tightening The way you feel about how you look in the most personal moments is very important, which is why the Studio Team has so many different tools to help you feel more confident. The latest in vaginal tightening technology can assist in restoring your confidence by improving both function and aesthetics.  Juliet™ is a revolutionary, non-surgical procedure that uses the science of lasers to treat and restore vaginal tightness and function.

Using laser energy, Juliet™ gently heats the vaginal and labial tissue to rejuvenate and regenerate. In addition to restoring a more youthful look and function, the Juliet™ treatment also improves and can resolve urinary leakage. The treatment is an in-office procedure with no downtime. Most patients see a significant improvement after the first visit; however, a second treatment may be needed for optimal results.

Women experience improved control of urine and stress incontinenceimproved vaginal moistureease of arousaldecreased pain, and improved sexual satisfaction.  Wanting to engage in lovemaking but unable to do so, due to pain, dryness, and the ever embarrassing leakage of urine?