Learn About Your Sexual Wellness via a Doppler Ultrasound

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If you have concerns regarding your sexual wellness, a Doppler ultrasound may be the answer to your worries. Traditional ultrasounds are used to produce images of the internal organs via the use of sound waves. This technology gives doctors a view of what is going on inside the body so they can provide a customized treatment plan.

What is a Doppler ultrasound?

A Doppler ultrasound is a type of ultrasound that bounces sound waves off red blood cells. This type of ultrasound is usable to monitor the function of the penis. It begins with an injection that causes an erection. The erection allows the doctor to read the direction and flow of blood in and out of the penis accurately by running a transducer along the outside of the penis. It addresses erectile dysfunction problems and pinpoints any other possible medical conditions of the penis.

Uses of Doppler ultrasound

Cancer, Peyronie’s disease and lumps are all detectable by this type of ultrasound. While a man may enter the office hoping to determine why he is having trouble achieving and maintaining an erection, he can also discover underlying medical conditions that would have otherwise been missed until leading to even more serious problems.

The ultrasound can help to detect penile cancer

Penile cancer is rare, accounting for only 1 percent of cancer found in men in the United States (https://www.cancer.org/cancer/penile-cancer/about/key-statistics.html), but can become serious if not treated early. Noticeable symptoms of penile cancer may include:
  • Blisters or lesions on the penis
  • Wart-like or raised growth that bleeds or smells badly
  • Presence of one or more lumps and swollen lymph nodes
If a man notices these symptoms or anything similar, a sexual wellness ultrasound may lead to more information on the problem. Surgery, radiation therapy or chemotherapy are all possible treatments to combat penile cancer.

An ultrasound can detect scar tissue

Peyronie’s disease, also known as penile fibrosis, is the presence of fibrous scar tissue in the penis that causes painful, bowed erections in some men. It often begins as inflammation and grows into a hardened area that inhibits the proper erection of a penis. Some men feel as though this condition originated from an injury and the Doppler ultrasound can help determine the cause. If the problem does not resolve itself within a year, surgery may be necessary to straighten the penis.

Useful for learning more about penile lumps

Lumps on the penis may be benign or malignant. Some lumps are small and wart-like and are a side effect of a sexually transmitted infection while others are under the skin of the penis and can be cancerous. A Doppler ultrasound gives a physician insight on the status of any lumps on a man’s penis and the potential treatment options.

Powerful diagnostic tool for those with sexual wellness concerns

A penile ultrasound may reveal any of these health conditions along with others, leading to an effective treatment that reinstates the full health of the man and function of his penis. Men should not be shy about concerns related to erectile dysfunction as receiving an ultrasound could end up saving their lives. To learn more about how to maintain the best possible level of sexual wellness and overall health, schedule an appointment today and receive a noninvasive Doppler ultrasound. For more information or to schedule an appointment with Doctors Studio, request an appointment in our Boca Raton dental office here: https://www.doctorsstudio.com. Or call us at (561) 444-7751.