If you are tired of being pudgy in the middle, find out if low testosterone could be to blame. Weight gain is common with age but it is still incredibly frustrating when it happens. Many men find that the trim and fit body of their youth disappears as they get closer and closer to 40 and then continues to fade the older that they get. Even with dietary changes and exercise, it can be difficult to avoid developing a gut or gaining weight overall. A lot of men have no idea that this weight gain is not necessarily their fault, at least not entirely their fault. It could be the result of a loss of testosterone as part of the process.

Hormones are important to overall health

The body is constantly producing hormones. These hormones are necessary for the regulation of a variety of bodily functions, including the regulation of weight gain and weight loss. Most people are unaware of this, but the lack of testosterone as a man ages can be directly responsible for this, unfortunately. The body can begin to produce less testosterone far earlier than when most people anticipate. In fact, some men in their late 20s or early 30s may even experience a testosterone dip. The only way to determine if this is happening is to run blood work. We can do this in our office and if the results show low testosterone levels, we can begin to restore testosterone through one of our treatment options.

Treatments are noninvasive

A lack of testosterone is very normal, but for patients who want to feel like their old selves and look like it, replacing testosterone is relatively easy with the right help. Hormone replacement may involve regular injections, taking oral medication or even wearing a patch. We can discuss all of these options and more during a consultation.

We will monitor progress

When we have determined that one of our patients is suffering from low testosterone, we will begin treatment and monitor ongoing progress. It is important for us to continue to track how well the treatment is working so that we can make adjustments as necessary. Our goal is for patients to live their best possible life so if adjustments need to be made occasionally to ensure optimal hormonal levels, we will do so.

Imagine how much better life would be if in shape

If dieting and exercising has been on the top of your radar because you are trying to get in shape, make sure to visit us to have your hormone levels checked. This is an important step prior to becoming frustrated with a lack of results. In other words, going to the gym five days a week may produce negligible results if hormone levels are too low. Instead of waiting to reach this point, visiting our office at the very beginning can ensure that hormonal levels are restored while the workout routine begins. This can produce the best possible results. To get started, call us today and schedule an appointment.