Marie Barnett

Marie Barnett

Marie has been with Doctors Studio providing client service and support. She is knowledgeable and passionate about ALL THINGS Doctors Studio.  She is confided in and trusted as an integral part of the team.

Marie Barnett is a Studio Specialist at Doctors Studio and a seasoned professional with over 25 years’ experience. Marie’s main focus is promoting customer satisfaction through exceptional service. Her passion to inform clients of the possibilities of restoring vitality, promoting longevity, preventing the effects of age-related diseases and aesthetic changes is what drives her each and every day.

Marie’s priority is to make sure that all clients are informed, comfortable and aware that Doctors Studio is more than willing and able to assist them in achieving optimal wellness and peak performance. She is experienced in inside sales, front office operations and serves our patients in the scheduling of appointments, new patient registration, and general customer service.

Marie has also worked for a specialized salon providing hair replacement for cancer patients and also served as their Outside Sales Specialist.  Prior to that Marie served as an Administrator/Biblical Crisis Counselor for 15 years in a private school. In her spare time Marie LOVES spending time with her family, cooking healthy food, working out and enjoying the outdoors. You can reach her at