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Sexual Performance | Aesthetic Artisry | Longevity and Regenerative medicine

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The Studio Performance program is a revolutionary new approach to improving your health and performance. Designed to give you the edge you have always enjoyed.


 Robust Sexual Function

Focus and Concentration

Youthful Energy


Dr Roy is the real deal! Brilliant. 

Stop putting band aids on and get to the root cause(s) of your illness. Think health prevention, think Dr. Roy.

– B.T.



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Advanced Testing

A thorough evaluation allows for the most direct route to your goals!


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Reach your Regenerative Potential

You are provided a roadmap and guidence all along the way.


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Regenerative Medicine Refined

Enhanced Memory, Focus,Endurance, Sexual Power and Longevity


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Peak Performance for
Peak Performers

Have you always been a high performer?

Are you lacking that spark you used to have?


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Ready to Make an Appointment? 
Fill out the form below to get started.



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Regenerative Medicine Experts in South Florida

Through the advancement of technologies such as ExoSTEM™️, Platelet Rich Plasma, Shockwave, Medical Thermography and Epigenetic Testing, The Studio Team have taken regenerative medicine to new heights.

With roots in sexual regenerative medicine, the performance boosting programs developed at Doctors Studio are designed to rejuvenate you from brain to heart to everywhere it matters.



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