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Betaine Plus Capsules (MINIMUM ORDER: 2) (100c)

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Betaine Plus by Douglas Labs supplies 650 mg of Betaine HCl and 140 mg of Pepsin in each easy to swallow capsule. Betaine Hydrochloride and pepsin (from porcine) aid in the digestion of proteins and food in the stomach.

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These capsules from Douglas Labs pack an energy boost like no other. Each bottle contains 100 vegetarian capsules of Betaine Plus, a proprietary blend of betaine and other performance nutrients designed to enhance mental focus, endurance and strength. Betaine acts as an intracellular osmolyte that helps maintain cell volume and integrity under stress, while also supporting metabolism of amino acids and protein synthesis. The betaine blend in these capsules helps power you through workouts by boosting muscle power, reducing fatigue and speeding recovery. So whether you’re hitting the gym, tackling a busy workday or training for your next race, Betaine Plus can help you push harder and bounce back faster to keep crushing your goals. One bottle contains 100 capsules, for a full month’s supply of nootropic nutrition to maximize your performance.