Calcium / Magnesium Butyrate Capsules (250c)

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Calcium / Magnesium Butyrate Capsules by BodyBio help maintain healthy blood sugar levels and support weight management goals. The supplement’s carefully crafted blend of calcium and magnesium butyrate work together to offer balanced blood sugar support.

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Butyrate is an essential end product of a healthy microbiome. Primarily, it fuels your gut cells, strengthening the gut lining your gut bacteria make butyrate first and foremost to fuel and energize the gut lining, which allows the gut to easily absorb nutrients into the bloodstream while combating permeability, keeping waste and toxins out of the bloodstream — and then move everything right along to be ahem disposed of. (Bye, constipation! )But that’s not the whole story — butyrate is an effective gut health supplement with full-body benefits. It’s also backed by over 5000 scientific studies, including human clinical trials. Take 2 capsules daily, with food or as recommended by your hcp keep closed in a dry place. Keep out of reach of children.