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A super soothing luxurious emollient that combines the benefits of a silicone elastomer gel base with the perfectly balanced power of hydrocortisone, fatty acid, ceramide, and cholesterol. Calm Creme acts by truly calming the delicate skin of the face and decolletage, always feeling gentle, light & fresh. Acting as a moisturizer and balm in one, Calm Creme combines pure, effective ingredients to offer unrivaled purity and the sensation of an emollient that literally glides across the skin.


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Benefits of Calm Creme

  • High-quality ingredients that are kind to your skin
  • 100% fragrance-free
  • 100% preservative-free
  • 100% solvent-free
  • Luxurious, soothing, and replenishing
  • Balances exactly the right amount of hydrocortisone in a silicone-elastomer gel base that glides onto the skin
  • Purity at an affordable price
  • Chic, handbag-sized product that always feels light and fresh on your skin
  • Combines the power of hydrocortisone, fatty acids, ceramide & cholesterol
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Product description

Calm Creme has been designed specifically to calm your skin, offering an amazingly soothing luxurious, silky emollient that will never fail to leave your skin feeling fresher and revitalized. Ingredients of the highest quality work synergistically to create real results, combining a 1% balance of hydrocortisone with the brightening & rejuvenating effects of fatty acids, ceramide and cholesterol. Fragrance, preservative and solvent-free.

Calm Creme. The elegance of a cream, with the purity of an ointment.

1 review for CALM creme

  1. Akshay

    Very affordable! I so love it on my skin.

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