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CALM Purity Organic Coffee – Decaffeinated Whole Bean Coffee (340 g)


CALM Purity Organic Coffee by Purity Coffee is original medium roast specialty-grade organic coffee, decaffeinated with a chemical-free natural water process that removes 99.9% of caffeine and retains high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

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This organic decaf whole bean coffee from Purity Coffee is your ticket to calm and clarity. With a 2. 6 kg bag, you’ll have plenty of rich, robust flavor without the jitters from excess caffeine. Purity Coffee uses only the finest organic, fair-trade arabica beans that are then gently decaffeinated using the Swiss water process, which involves steeping the beans in water to draw out caffeine while retaining the beans’ natural oils and flavor compounds. The result is a full-bodied cup with notes of chocolate and caramel, offering the deep satisfaction of a traditional cup of joe without the side effects that can disrupt your peace of mind. Perfect for savoring a leisurely morning cup or an after-dinner espresso with loved ones, this decaf blend helps you make the most of quiet moments while fueling meaningful connections – allowing you to live fully present, one delicious sip at a time.