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Comprehensive Protocol – Phase 4B: Systemic Detox Kit

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Comprehensive Protocol Phase 4B: Systemic Detox by Cellcore Biosciences helps building on the progress made in Phase 4A, Phase 4B carries on to promote cleansing within and beyond the gut. It consists of Advanced TUDCA, BC-ATP, CT-Biotic, HM-ET Binder, and Metabolic Activator.

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This comprehensive protocol from Cellcore Biosciences provides everything you need for a systemic detox. Following this 4B phase will help rid your body of toxins that can build up over time from the environment, diet and lifestyle. The kit contains natural supplements and herbal extracts in the proper dosage to support your liver, kidneys and digestive system as they work to eliminate built-up waste. You’ll likely experience increased energy, mental clarity and a stronger immune system as your body is freed from the burden of toxins. Over the 4B period, your cells will receive extra nutrients to help repair and rejuvenate as your internal systems are given a deep clean. So say goodbye to sluggishness and inflammation caused by a toxic buildup – this protocol will help restore balance and vitality from the inside out.