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Comprehensive Protocol – Phase 5: Deeper Immune Support Kit

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Comprehensive Protocol Phase 5: Deeper Immune Support by Cellcore Biosciences provides potent blends of herbs in tincture and supplement form, designed to encourage lymphatic drainage, optimize immune system function, promote systemic detoxification, and support the gut microbiome. It consists of IS-BAB, IS-BART, IS-BOOST, IS-BORR, and LymphActiv.

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This comprehensive protocol from Cellcore Biosciences delivers deeper immune support to help you fight off threats. The kit contains immune boosters and adaptogens to nourish your body at a cellular level, strengthening your defenses against pathogens and stressors. The targeted blend of nutrients and botanicals work synergistically to optimize your immune system’s performance, helping you resist infections and recover quickly when illness strikes. The all-natural formula focuses on immune cell reproduction and activation to give you an extra barrier of protection. So whether you’re facing seasonal threats, daily environmental toxins or the demands of a fast-paced lifestyle, this immune support kit helps arm your body with the tools to defend and heal itself. One kit is all you need to boost your resilience and fortify your first line of defense.