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Resilience, a proprietary Doctors Studio blend of ultra-high dosage B-vitamins, powers up your body, immunity and mind to be more resilient, strong & balanced. Also supplying a great source of pantothenic acid, riboflavin and thiamin, Resilience supplies high-dosage, high quality B12, offering amazing performance benefits across neurological, physical & emotional pathways.

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Playing a vital role in white blood cell production, B12 powerfully strengthens the immune system, remains crucial to the healthy performance of our brain & nervous system, aids fat loss via the efficient conversion of calories to fuel & energy, & boosts the metabolism. It offers a vital source of energy, vastly improves cognitive & neurological health, and even plays a role in healthy sex life, by enhancing erectile strength & facilitating stronger orgasms (principally via blood vessel dilation & via stimulating the secretion of the neurotransmitter histamine needed for orgasm).

B12 is also crucial for DNA synthesis, for the formation of healthy red blood cells, and for emotional health; insufficient B12 can contribute to depression as it can disrupt serotonin levels, also risking anemia and fatigue, thyroid issues, and a compromised immune system. Insufficient levels can also cause significant issues in pregnancy and even affect eyesight.

Resilience also includes pantothenic acid, riboflavin & thiamin, all of which play vital roles in energy metabolism & in the development of healthy skin & hair. Resilience, an ultra-high quality, natural source of B-vitamins that strengthens your body neurologically, physically, and emotionally.

  • Increased mental focus, memory & cognition
  • Enhanced mood
  • Reduced fatigue & greater energy
  • Effective metabolism & enhanced fat loss
  • Supports a healthy libido, erectile & orgasmic function
  • Boosted immunity
  • Healthier skin
Do you harm the elk for the antlers?

No, we do not harm the elk for its antlers; it is a renewable food source. The antler actually hardens, falls off naturally, and regrows every year. The animals are humanely treated and kept in an optimal state of health so that we are always producing high-quality velvet antler extract. The process for the animal is about as painful and stressful as clipping a human fingernail.


Can I overdose on this product?

No, velvet antler is 90% proteins or amino acids. These amino acids bind together in large sequences to create growth factors. For instance, the IGF-1 molecule is a 70-chain amino acid sequence. Since the supplements are primarily proteins, whatever your body is not absorbing you will just excrete through urine or sweat.


Is this like HGH?

No, our products are not like HGH because HGH is synthetically derived. IGF-1 is the metabolite or end result of natural growth hormone (GH), velvet antler also contains a balanced matrix of growth factors, including the master growth factor, which is IGF-1. In total there are over 100 active constituents found in velvet antler extract.


Is this like synthetic IGF-1?

No, this is not a synthetic product or version of IGF-1. It is also not an isolated version of IGF-1. Whenever you take an isolate you create some imbalance in your body. The IGF-1 in velvet antler is derived and delivered as it was intended in nature, which is in a balanced matrix. The IGF-1 found in velvet antler is a 70-chain amino acid sequence, which is what your body naturally produces on its own.


Are there side effects with this product?

No, this is a 100% natural raw superfood supplement.


How and when was velvet antler discovered?

Velvet antler has been used for over 2,000 years and falls only second in use in Asia to ginseng. It has been used in Eastern medicine and is still used and continuously researched to this day.


What makes Doctors Studio velvet antler so special?

Doctors Studio sources our velvet antler extract from a company that has full control from the conception of the animal to the end bottling of the product. Since we start with superior raw material, we have a great advantage against the competition. We also have an exclusive 43:1 extract, meaning that it takes 43 pounds of raw antler to make 1 pound of freeze-dried extract, we then extract it twice more into the water and organic grape alcohol.


How do I know which strength to take?

R3 provides the highest concentration of velvet antler extract available in the US. It is perfect for highly active people, frail individuals, and those looking for powerful anti-aging intervention.


Will I become dependent on any of the velvet antler extract products? Will I always need to stay on it?

Our products are not drugs, but rather naturally derived and therefore will not cause dependency. Our products are superfoods and provide nutrition crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Many people who temporarily stop taking our products chose to begin supplementation again because they can feel the difference.


Is the Tribulus in R3 safe for women?

Yes, Tribulus is a safe and effective hormone modulator and has been used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine for both men and women. Tribulus helps regulate hormones and cannot raise or lower any hormone out of a naturally balanced range.


Is it okay to take more of the recommended daily dosage?

Yes. We actually encourage double dosing for your first two weeks of supplementation to jumpstart the effects of these products. Take one dose in the morning and one in the evening on an empty stomach.


When is the best time to take it?

R3 is best taken in the morning on an empty stomach. When double dosing, the second dose should be taken later in the day on an empty stomach.


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