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HealthMate Black – Austin Air Systems



Austin Air introduces The HealthMate Black, an intelligent air purifier elevating indoor air quality to unprecedented heights. This advanced device redefines the standard for health-conscious living by employing cutting-edge technology to ensure a comprehensive and effective purification process, enhancing the overall indoor air environment.

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Powered by Austin Air’s advanced AOS technology, this purifier uses a HEPA filter blend to trap 99. 7% of particles down to 0. microns, reducing dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke and other allergens that make air unhealthy. The HealthMate’s sensors continuously monitor indoor air quality, automatically adjusting fan speed to maintain optimal air quality. An active carbon filter helps remove common household odors from cooking, pets and other sources. The purifier’s sleek, stylish design complements any modern decor while its powerful yet whisper-quiet operation keeps you breathing easy. The HealthMate Black delivers clean, healthy air that helps you feel your best all year long.