Hydra 8


Hydro Cell is a revolutionary alkalizing, chelating and re-mineralizing water additive. Adding 2/3 of a dropper to a gallon of water, or 2 drops per 8 ounces of water provides the body with fulvic acid, humic acid, over 74 trace colloidal ionic minerals, electrolytes, amino acids, B vitamins, an array of enzymes and unique polysaccharides. This powerful complex rehydrates and repowers the body.

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Benefits of Hydra 8

  • Revolutionary alkalizing formula
  • Chelating, re-mineralizing water additive
  • Easy to use
  • Provides an unbeatable 74 trade colloidal minerals
  • A great source of electrolytes
  • Contains the therapeutic benefits of fulvic & humic acid
  • Powered with B vitamins, enzymes and unique polysaccharides
  • Powerfully rehydrates and repowers every cell of the body

Product description

Sometimes life, work, overtraining, a recent sickness, or stress can deplete the body of valuable electrolytes, requiring a rapid rehydration source. Hydra-8 combines a unique synergistic blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, ionic minerals, fulvic acid, and polysaccharides to provide the exact alkalizing, rehydrating, hydrolyzing benefits that your body needs in an impressively easy to absorb supplement.

Simply add ⅔ of a Hydra 8 dropper to a gallon of water, or alternatively, 2 drops per 8 ounces of water.