IgG Pure 15 Servings

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IgG Pure 15 Servings by Xymogen harnesses the power of immunoglobulin G to support a healthy immune system. This immunoglobulin blend helps replenish IgG levels that can decline with age, stress and poor diet.

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IgG Pure™ a natural, nutritionally advanced, bioactive whey protein concentrate, contains immunoglobulins that support the delicate balance of the body’s immune system. The whey is sourced from New Zealand cows where herds are free from environmental contaminants and are not subjected to hormones and antibiotics that are commonly used elsewhere. This protein is a rich source of amino acids, including those needed for the synthesis of glutathione, an important antioxidant that can be depleted by stress. This formula is resistant to stomach acid and supports intestinal health. The 80% protein content supports lean body mass.