Incentive Spirometer Device



Incentive Spirometer by Portex is a simple yet effective tool to help patients improve their lung capacity after illness or surgery. The spirometer features a floating ball within a tube that moves up as you inhale, providing visual feedback on your progress. It’s easy to use – simply take deep breaths, aiming to raise the ball as high as possible. With regular practice, this simple device can help strengthen respiratory muscles and expand lung volume – benefits that can make a real difference in your recovery.

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Breathe easy with the Portex Incentive Spirometer. This clever device helps motivate deep breaths to strengthen lung function and stamina. Simply breathe into the mouthpiece and watch the indicator ball rise as you inhale. The higher you raise the ball, the better your lung capacity. Use the scale markings to monitor your progress over time. Made from durable medical-grade [plastic blend], this simple yet effective tool can benefit those recovering from respiratory illness, lung surgery or COPD. In just a few minutes a day, the Incentive Spirometer can make a meaningful impact on lung health, helping you breathe easier and resume normal activities. Start strengthening your respiratory system today with this helpful tool from a trusted medical brand you can rely on.