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Doctors Studio is excited to announce the launch of Intense Moisture, our intensive recovery complex lotion that combines the power of niacinamide (Vitamin B5) with the protective effects of barrier-enhancing lipids. Supporting & strengthening the skins’ own natural defenses, Intense Moisture is available in a light cream and richer cream option to suit all skin types & preferences.


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Benefits of Intense Moisture

  • An elegant & effective blend of 5% niacinamide (Vitamin B3) and barrier enhancing lipids, designed to help build proteins in the skin and protect against years of environmental damage.
  • Offers powerful recovery benefits for your skin, reversing the effects of years of pollutant and sun damage
  • Protects, moisturizes & lubricates the skin for a smoother, clearer visage
  • 100% paraben & propylene-glycol free
  • 100 fragrance-free
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Two options available – a lighter lotion and richer cream – to suit all preferences
  • Combines ceramides, fatty acids & cholesterol to help the skin strengthen its own natural defenses

Product description

Paraben, fragrance & propylene-glycol-free, the high-quality ingredients in this luxuriant, protective & restorative emollient offer intensive moisturizing and protective qualities. Working to strengthen & support your skin’s own natural defenses, Intense Moisture deeply moisturizes the skin whilst simultaneously supporting the growth of proteins in the skin and protecting a barrier against environmental damage.

Intense Moisture is available in two options; a creamy, intensive recovery complex, and a lighter lotion. The Intensive Recovery Complex offers a rich, luxurious cream available in an elegant, compact 60g jar, while the body lotion offers a lighter option, provided in a sleek 120g airless pump. Simply apply to dry skin, as needed. Individuals with sensitive skin may initially experience a mild stinging sensation which is normal and passes within a few minutes of application.

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  1. Akshay

    The best moisturizer ever! It feels light on this skin. Will definitely recommend!

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