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MegaGuard Capsules (60c)

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MegaGuard by Microbiome Labs is the ultimate dietary supplement for supporting gut health in the modern world. These 60 research-backed probiotic capsules help replenish good bacteria and balance your microbiome to support digestive health, immune function and overall wellbeing.

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MegaGuard from Microbiome Labs is a powerful blend of 60 plant-based probiotics and prebiotics to support a balanced gut microbiome. This clever little capsule helps strengthen your digestive defenses and nourish the good bacteria already living in your GI tract. The proprietary formula contains strains of beneficial bacteria like lactobacillus and bifidobacterium, combined with soluble fibers and other ingredients to nourish and protect them as they make their way through your system. By giving the right bacteria a boost, MegaGuard can help optimize your body’s natural functions, promote nutrient absorption, and boost your immune system’s resilience. So take one capsule daily and give your inner ecosystem the support it needs to thrive—your gut will thank you!