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Natural Mint Mouthrinse (473ml)

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Natural Mint Mouthrinse by Ameo Life is the perfect way to freshen your breath and keep your mouth feeling clean and fresh.

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The 473 ml bottle provides enough mouthrinse for the whole family, allowing everyone to start their day with a minty, invigorating swish. Made with natural ingredients, this mouthwash balances freshness with gentleness, eliminating bad breath without harsh chemicals. Simply swish and go, and feel confident talking to coworkers, greeting friends, and enjoying your morning coffee – all thanks to the refreshing power of mint. Simply swish and spit after brushing to leave your mouth feeling clean and minty fresh for hours. The natural mint flavor coats your mouth in a soothing tingle that will have your taste buds dancing with delight. This mouthrinse offers a stylish way to boost your oral hygiene routine and give your mouth a spa-like refresh without harsh chemicals. Swish, spit, and smile—your mouth will thank you.