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Nitric Oxide Indicator Strips 25 Strips



Nitric oxide indicator strips help monitor nitric oxide levels in the body, important for heart and blood vessel health. Monitor your nitric oxide and cardiovascular health anytime, anywhere, with these convenient test strips.

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Nitric Oxide Indicator Strips 25 Strips gives you instant feedback on your body’s nitric oxide levels to help optimize heart and blood vessel health. These handy test strips detect nitric oxide in saliva to gage your nitric oxide production, a key marker of cardiovascular function. Simply wet the test strip, check the color change against the color chart, and see if your nitric oxide levels are high, optimal, or low. Nitric oxide helps regulate blood pressure, supports healthy blood flow, and improves exercise capacity, so boosting your nitric oxide through diet and lifestyle can make a real difference.

Nitric Oxide Indicator Strips are a simple way to see if you’re getting enough dietary nitrate through the foods that you eat. For many of us, getting enough of the good stuff through our diet is difficult and for others, the enzyme needed to convert our dietary nutrients into Nitric Oxide simply is no longer present.

With Nitric Oxide Indicator Strips can give you an indication of whether your diet is lacking and if you body is Nitric Oxide deficient. Non-invasive, the results are instant and easy to read. Which means getting your Nitric Oxide status is a snap.

During the morning before you drink or eat, wash your hands and gather saliva on your fingertip. Place the saliva on the indicator srtip pad. Don't put the strip in your mouth. Compare your results to the color chart provided. The lighter pink, the more Nitric Oxide deficient you are.

Always consult a healthcare professional before use.

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