Omega-3 Index Plus



Omega-3 Index Plus by OmegaQuant test analyzes your body’s omega-3 levels from just one drop of blood. No blood draw or painful finger pricks needed, just apply blood to the sample card and send in for analysis. Knowing your omega-3 status can help you optimize your diet and supplement regimen to support heart and brain health. This simple, accurate at-home test gives you insight to personalize your omega-3 strategy and achieve an optimal Omega-3 Index.

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This revolutionary blood test unlocks the secrets of your omega-3 levels. The Omega-3 Index Plus from OmegaQuant measures the sum of EPA and DHA concentrations in red blood cells—giving you an accurate snapshot of your omega-3 status. With just a single drop of blood, this simple yet insightful test reveals whether you’re getting enough of the healthy fats that support heart and brain health, joint comfort and more. No guesswork required. The results cut through the confusion and give you a precise, personalized omega-3 score that you can discuss with your healthcare provider. Improve your omega intake through targeted diet changes or supplements. Then retest to confirm your levels are optimizing where they should be. Knowledge is power and the Omega-3 Index Plus delivers the clarity you need to make informed choices for better well-being.

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