Studio Detox Program (Creamy Chocolate)

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Studio Detox: a life-changing, proactive, tailored and drug-free approach to wellness that fights imbalances, inflammation and dysfunction, maximizes natural immunity, improves gut health, heightens emotional, physical and hormonal balance, establishes long-term, healthier habits, counters exposure to toxins, bacteria and other pathogens, and places you firmly on the path to long-term vitality.

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Studio Detox Med Pax

The only place you will find the exclusive, physician-devised, groundbreaking Studio Detox program is via Doctors Studio. Expect real results that treat and heal your body, optimizing your health & wellbeing to leave you free to enjoy the super-powered, happy & energetic life that you deserve.

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Studio Detox Wellness Plus Creamy Chocolate

Our Studio Detox Wellness Plus Creamy Chocolate by Doctors Studio shake is so tasty, It’s easy to forget it’s not a treat! Perfect as a shake, mixed into yogurt, sprinkled over cereal, or simply whisked up with your choice of milk as a treat, Studio Detox Wellness Plus Creamy Chocolate hits every single base when it comes to taste, health benefits & results.

A top-of-the-range detox product, our Studio Detox Wellness Plus Creamy Chocolate seamlessly blends taste with effective detoxification, to leave you healthier, happier & genuinely satiated. Getting healthy never tasted or felt so good!

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In a world where 97% of Americans are diagnosed with preventable, reversible chronic diseases (for which many are prescribed life-long, reactive, side-effect laden medications), the need for medically developed, high-quality, drug-free detoxification programs – that take a proactive approach to optimize your health – are clear.

This goal formed a foundational goal in the creation of Studio Detox.
Studio Detox builds wellness from the inside out, with no drugs. Instead, Studio Detox directly targets vitamin, mineral & nutrient imbalances, hugely powers up natural immunity, fights inflammation, restores gut health, increases restorative sleep, and deals with toxicity that can cause long-term disease. There are no side effects, and the benefits can be life-changing and long-lasting.

As we age, our vulnerability to various diseases (such as cardiovascular disease) increases, underlining the need to optimize health & natural immunity and take a proactive approach to wellness. However, it’s often hard to know exactly what choices to make when it comes to supplements, vitamins, food & health treatments (such as treating an imbalanced gut microbiota), and which specific wellness choices might lead to the healthiest outcomes for each of us on an individual basis.

That’s exactly why we developed Studio Detox – to ensure that you are targeting exactly what you need, to make those difficult choices out of your hands, to empower you with knowledge about how to live a healthier life, and to provide the supplements and testing that you need, when you need them. Studio Detox enables you to maximize and safeguard a truly long-term optimized quality of life using an approach that is safe, effective and natural, drug-free, delivering impressive results that really last.