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Studio Detox Program


Studio Detox: a life-changing, proactive, tailored & drug-free approach to wellness that fights imbalances, inflammation & dysfunction, maximizes natural immunity, improves gut health, heightens emotional, physical & hormonal balance, establishes long-term, healthier habits, counters exposure to toxins, bacteria and other pathogens, and places you firmly on the path to long-term vitality.

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In a world where 97% of Americans are diagnosed with preventable, reversible chronic diseases (for which many are prescribed life-long, reactive, side-effect laden medications), the need for medically developed, high-quality, drug-free detoxification programs – that take a proactive approach to optimize your health – are clear.

This goal formed a foundational goal in the creation of Studio Detox.
Studio Detox builds wellness from the inside out, with no drugs. Instead, Studio Detox directly targets vitamin, mineral & nutrient imbalances, hugely powers up natural immunity, fights inflammation, restores gut health, increases restorative sleep, and deals with toxicity that can cause long-term disease. There are no side effects, and the benefits can be life-changing and long-lasting.

As we age, our vulnerability to various diseases (such as cardiovascular disease) increases, underlining the need to optimize health & natural immunity and take a proactive approach to wellness. However, it’s often hard to know exactly what choices to make when it comes to supplements, vitamins, food & health treatments (such as treating an imbalanced gut microbiota), and which specific wellness choices might lead to the healthiest outcomes for each of us on an individual basis.

That’s exactly why we developed Studio Detox – to ensure that you are targeting exactly what you need, to make those difficult choices out of your hands, to empower you with knowledge about how to live a healthier life, and to provide the supplements and testing that you need, when you need them. Studio Detox enables you to maximize and safeguard a truly long-term optimized quality of life using an approach that is safe, effective and natural, drug-free, delivering impressive results that really last.

  • Drug free
  • Highly targeted to the individual, identifying & restoring gut imbalances, nutrient imbalances, toxicity & pathogen issues, and naturally maximizing your body’s own natural defenses
  • A proactive approach to optimizing wellness that minimizes your vulnerability to illnesses, chronic diseases and long-term dependence on medications
  • Improves hormonal, mental, emotional & physical health
  • Improves immunity
  • Proactive, not reactive, prioritizing the optimization of health over the simple absence of disease as a focus of Studio Detox treatment 
  • Establishes positive, healthy long-term habits that will safeguard your health for years to come

What is Studio Detox?

Studio Detox is a combination of detoxification, elimination of irritating foods/allergens, and flooding the body with ultra-nutrition; achieved by feeding the body what it needs to repair imbalances and optimize the body’s functions.


What do you eat during the Studio Detox program?

Whole, fresh foods ONLY! No boxed, canned, or packaged/processed foods allowed. If nature didn’t make it, don’t eat it!

*Refer to the 28-Day Detox Grocery Shopping Guide


What do you NOT eat during the Studio Detox program?

ANYTHING in a box, bag, or can. As a general rule, packaged foods are processed foods.

*Refer to the “Avoid” list


Who should do the Studio Detox program?

Studio Detox is right for everyone. Especially if you deal with any of the following issues: if you exercise and diet for a while and then go back to “normal” eating only to gain weight again. If you can’t seem to reach your weight goal regardless of what you do. If you are not feeling well. If you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or high blood sugar. If you have been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome or if your doctor has told you that you have pre-diabetes.


Will I lose weight doing Studio Detox?

Many people do, but the primary goal of Studio Detox is to eliminate foods and food groups that may be negatively impacting your health. The focus of the program is to remove foods from your diet that are most likely to cause problems and detoxify and flood the body with ultra-nutrients.


What are some benefits that I can expect from the Studio Detox program?

Studio Detox will lead you through a process to find foods that help you feel great about your body. You may also discover other benefits, like improved digestive health, reduced cholesterol, increased energy, or lower blood pressure. This program helps to naturally repair your metabolism, balance hormones, and restore GI health.


Do I only have to eat from the superfoods list?

No! You are not limited to the superfoods, be creative, have fun with your food and choose from all the foods listed in the 28-day grocery shopping guide.


Can I drink my OptiCleanse Plus Shake with my lunch?

No. You can choose to eat your meal OR you make a drink, a shake to REPLACE a meal if needed. You make drink up to 3 shakes a day when necessary, but it is important to eat whole fresh food.


Can I have a cheat day?

Don’t give yourself any excuse to cheat! Make sure your home and workspace are detox savvy. Let your friends and family know that you are striving toward a healthier lifestyle so they can support and encourage you throughout your journey.

Welcome to a whole new way of life—total wellness from the inside out.

“Cheating” during Studio Detox will diminish the effectiveness. Cheating is not an option if you are seeking long-term health and wellness. Make this commitment toward lifelong success – don’t let your efforts go to waste.


Do I have to exercise?

Yes. Exercise is essential to stimulate and repair your metabolism while increasing lung and heart capacity for improved wellness and longevity. More exercise is not better. You may be training your body to store fat for your workouts! This program will likely save you time and money.


Are organically grown foods really that important to buy? They are expensive.

Minimizing exposure to pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, and GMOs is the reason to buy organically grown food, especially when it comes to animal-based foods. They may be more expensive; however, the health effects from these toxins can be far more costly. Buy foods in season and from local farmers to keep the costs down. Making purchase decisions according to the annual “Dirty Dozen” and “Clean 15” from the Environmental Working Group (www. can help people make purchases more efficiently.


What are some of the hardest parts of doing Studio Detox?

You might experience mood swings, energy fluctuations, and intense cravings in the first few weeks. You may experience “carb flu” – you will feel sluggish and drained while your body tries to figure out how to perform without sugar. If you do experience these symptoms, it is due to a withdrawal of toxic foods and it will pass.


What do I do if I become constipated?

If you are consuming enough water on the program, your stools should remain soft and you should not struggle with regularity. However, if you experience constipation, magnesium citrate is safe to use to relieve this condition while on the program.

What can I take if I have a headache?

Taking over-the-counter medications formulated to address aches and pains will not impact your success on the program. Make sure you are drinking enough water. Dehydration can cause hunger and headaches.

Do I need assistance from my primary doctor?

If you are on prescription medications, it is strongly recommended that you maintain good communication with your primary care physician. The doses of your medication often need to be adjusted as you experience the benefits of the detox.

What are some tips to help me get through Studio Detox?

• Make sure your home and workspace are “program ready.” Clear your pantry of any junk, processed food, or anything not listed on your grocery shopping guide.

• Don’t focus on calories. Eating enough and at the right time is the most important aspect.

• Inform friends and family you are striving toward a healthier lifestyle so they can support and encourage you throughout your journey.

• Eat enough to be satiated. It’s better to eat too much good food than to get ravenously hungry from deprivation and then binge on off-program foods.

• Blend raw almonds and flax seeds together to put on a salad. This adds fiber, flavor, texture, and lots of good fats necessary for burning the fat stored in your body.

• Meal prep. Each week, plan your meals and have your groceries and meals ready to “grab and go” at the beginning of each week. This will ensure you avoid excuses to cheat.

Why can’t I have eggs?

Eggs are not allowed on the program because they are considered one of the top 5 food allergens.

Do you have to walk for 30 minutes every day in addition to the prescribed HIIT training?

Yes. In addition to HIIT, it is recommended and encouraged to walk for 30 minutes every day.

If I already have a workout regimen, do I need to decrease my workouts to 2-4 days a week, 20 minutes a day?

No, however, HIIT exercising is much more effective for muscle building and fat burning.

Why can’t I have Splenda, Equal, Sweet ‘n’ Low, or similar sweeteners on the program?

Part of the success of the program and your journey toward long-term health involves eliminating processed foods and artificial ingredients. Artificial sweeteners are a common contributor to a sluggish metabolism.
SweetLeaf stevia is the purest of the stevia sweeteners. Truvia, Purvia, and similar stevia products add other unnatural ingredients such as erythritol or dextrose to their formulation. SweetLeaf stevia is the only recommended sweetener on the program. Eating an apple or having a handful of fresh blueberries can help to quell sugar cravings.

What happens if I miss a dose of MedPax?

If you miss a dose of MedPax and it’s within the same day, take the missed dose with your next meal. If you realized you missed a dose from the previous day, do not double up.

How can this plan become even more personalized?

Detoxification requires energy. Calories are needed to fuel the pathways to move toxins through the system. Therefore, this detox is not limited to calories. However, a specific calorie level may be prescribed if there are other aspects that are being addressed, such as blood sugar concerns, guided weight loss, or improved body composition. Provided in this program is a formula to calculate your Basil Metabolic Rate (BMR), along with specific food guides for during the 28-day detox and after the detox.

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