Studio Lean Detox Caps

Exclusive to Doctors Studio, our Studio Lean Detox Caps offer unrivaled detoxification benefits. A vital part of our popular, uniquely effective Studio Lean Program, this powerful Detox Support Supplement allows Studio Lean participants to engage in a healing, restorative, and extremely beneficial detoxification process, optimizing health from the inside out, and unlocking your body’s natural potential to shed fat, build muscle, repair, rebuild & regenerate.

$43.65 120 caps

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Benefits of Studio Lean Detox Caps

  • Naturally derived
  • Supports a healthy process of detoxification that frees the body to shed fat and build lean muscle faster & more effectively
  • Deals with a lifetime of toxicity that is holding you back from achieving the body of your dreams
  • Safe, effective & developed by a medical practice to ensure effects right down to the cellular level
  • Supports a positive mental, emotional & physical balance
  • Exclusive to Doctors Studio

Product description

Studio Lean Detox Caps provide a convenient, effective & easy way of accelerating physique gains, by gently, but powerfully, detoxifying the body – right down to the cellular level. The supplement plays a powerful protective role, shielding the liver and other organs of the body from the effects of the release of toxic molecules as detoxification takes place. By detoxifying the body, wellness can be boosted, optimized, and secured from the inside out. You’ll feel the effects on the emotional, mental & physical levels, offering permanent improvements to your health.