Telehealth Consultation, Ivermectin Medication (34 Capsules) and Professional Supplements (90 days) – ADVANCED PACKAGE

  • TeleConsultation with licensed Provider

  • Professional iMASK Supplement Packet (12-week supply)

  • Ivermectin Medication customized to your weight (34 doses)

    • 24 doses to follow iMASK protocol (12-week supply)
    • 10 capsule EMERGENCY KIT (if you get COVID-19)


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Benefits of Telehealth Consultation, Ivermectin Medication and Professional Supplements

  • Powerful immunological benefits
  • Prescribed by a registered, highly experienced & well-regarded medical practice
  • A general increase in wellness 
  • Scientific support for the benefits of Ivermectin in boosting immunity
  • Beneficial for those with, or without, Covid-19 vaccinations
  • Powerful synergistic benefits of Ivermectin with immunity-boosting and wellness-maximizing professional supplements
  • Hassle-free, convenient teleconsultation that fits in easily with your lifestyle

Product description

As a medical practice, we are always guided by science. A wealth of medical evidence supports the efficacy of Ivermectin in the treatment of Covid-19 in short-term trials. A recent systematic review of 18 studies published in the American Journal of Therapeutics, for example, pointed to repeated, large magnitude improvements in Covid-19-related clinical improvements, large reductions in transmission, and tight, reproducible decreases in Covid-19 cases and fatality rates in regions where Ivermectin was widely distributed without charge.  

While we look forward to the results of longer-term, larger-scale FDA clinical trials that need adequate time to conclude, we are already confident in supporting the widely-evidenced benefits of Ivermectin, as prescribed by a medical practice such as ourselves, & when taken exactly as prescribed, to powerfully boost immunity. Regardless of a patients’ choice to vaccinate or not vaccinate, Ivermectin can offer an additional safeguard in the prevention or treatment of Covid-19. Furthermore, the Doctors Studio professional supplements provided in this Ivermectin Telehealth bundle powerfully maximize the immunological benefits of Ivermectin, offering you the best possible outcomes in terms of immunity-boosting & general health. 

At the Doctors Studio, we focus on preventative medicine, & we believe that a super-charged immune system is our greatest ally when it comes to fighting all kinds of viruses, bacteria & pathogens – including Covid-19 (and exactly why we recently moved into extending our range of immunological support products & therapies). 

If you are interested in finding out more about Covid-19, Ivermectin, or immunity, contact the Doctors Studio today, or book a Telehealth Consultation for an Ivermectin Prescription right now. We also offer an iMask immunity support bundle if you are interested in extending the benefits of Ivermectin further.


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