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ThaenaBiotic Capsules (30c)

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Thaena introduces ThaenaBiotic, a groundbreaking postbiotic supplement crafted from a complete biome source. This innovative product is uniquely formulated to promote microbial balance, setting itself apart as the first of its kind in providing comprehensive support for a healthy and harmonious microbial environment.

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ThaenaBiotic is made via the patent-pending ThaenaKilled sterilization process. This process yields a complex mixture of whole biome derived molecules, aka postbiotics, that represent the entirety of a healthy person’s gut ecosystem. Postbiotics are how the bacteria in the gut communicate with the rest of the body. We believe it takes the intelligence of a diverse ecological community to create the postbiotics necessary to support a healthy individual.*

How Does It Work?

Our major interest is not in the live bacteria but in their postbiotics.* Postbiotics are the molecular byproducts of the healthy bacteria in our microbiome. These molecules have effects beyond our gut and impact our whole body. They are made by our microbiome from the nutrients we eat (i.e. fruits and vegetables), and act as active substances that communicate with our body to maintain health. The postbiotics we use in ThaenaBiotic are whole biome derived, meaning they are the fermented byproducts generated from our healthy donors gut ecosystems. Our donors are screened for overall health and wellness including a healthy lifestyle, diet, regular exercise, and mindfulness practice.

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