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ZenBiome Cope Capsules (60c)

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ZenBiome Cope by Microbiome Labs is a new ZenBiome collection, powered by 1714, has been specially developed to target the gut-brain axis and support clients with occasional stress, mild mood changes, low energy, feelings of occasional fatigue, and occasional sleeplessness.

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ZenBiome Cope comprises 60 capsules designed to help calm the gut and curb stress symptoms through replenishing good bacteria. Pop one a day and give your microbiome a boost which in turn, helps reduce anxiety and restlessness that comes with a hectic schedule. The high-quality, research-backed ingredients in these capsules target your gut microbiome to promote a sense of balance and relief from everyday stresses. ZenBiome Cope is for anyone who could use an extra helping hand to cope with the stresses of modern life.
This blend of 60 high potency probiotic capsules contains a carefully curated mix of good bacteria strains to help maintain a balanced microbiome. When your microbiome is in harmony, it means better digestion, immune function and mental clarity – all of which help you cope with whatever life throws your way. Take one capsule daily and allow ZenBiome Cope’s probiotics to go to work soothing your gut, calming your mind and helping you face each day’s challenges with resilience and confidence. A healthy gut means a healthy you – inside and out. Discover the power of probiotics to help you “cope” with life, one capsule at a time.