Safe and Practical Anti-Aging Solutions In 2019

With the development of modern science, aging is becoming more fun and graceful with natural remedies that let you feel and look all spry through your timeline. The popularity of social media and influx of advertisements in the modern-day create an unrealistic perception about beauty. A lot of people are eating their hearts out to filtered photographs and retouched videos. This leads them to make ill-advised decisions such as changing their appearance with artificial remedies and surgical procedures that are too costly and end up ruining their appearance in the long run. At Doctors Studio, we specialize in natural remedies to make you look ageless in your very own skin keeping it natural and healthy without relying on surgical procedures or chemical compounds that could be toxic. There is no need to demonize aging just yet when clearly there is a special beauty to it especially with us by your side. Biologically, when one attains the age of 20 the skin lowers production of collagen by 1% every year. Collagen makes your skin firm and as its production lowers the skin loosens up. The skin is also filled with oil glands which diminish in function making your skin dry while the decreasing elastin levels lower skin elasticity letting your age show. There is nothing wrong with this and some will even say that wrinkles tell a story of where your smiles have been. In our day and age, however, Doctors Studio has functional remedies that work around factors that cause aging to keep you looking natural and youthful.

PRP and Regenerative Medicine

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy application dates back to more than 30 years ago and has been developed to be more effective in our time. It has gained a lot of sensationalism, especially from all the celebrities using it to maintain their looks. Our experienced doctors use your blood to rejuvenate skin properties for your face which is natural and perfectly safe. The application of blood has earned it the name “vampire facial” among celebrities. Blood contains a significant amount of platelets which have healing properties. Platelets heal fresh wounds by inducing blood clotting and as the clot forms, they release healing enzymes which are responsible for tissue regeneration and activation of stem cells which gradually repair wounds. At Doctors Studio, we have diversified the application of PRP to improve your overall well- being. We use the procedure for breast augmentation which is the best option for a breast lift as it has no downtime. The procedure is also used for a facelift which entails extraction of an individual's blood and spinning it to concentrate plasma content then injecting it on the face. Platelet Rich Plasma therapy offered in our facility has also recorded perfect results for hair restoration program. The restoration procedure involves injecting into the hair follicles centrifuged PRP which instantly stimulates the growth of new cells resulting to hair growth. The procedure also comes in handy in our O-Shot program which basically tailor makes your orgasms making them more satisfying. This is achieved by injecting PRP in specific areas of your vagina which then corrects sexual dysfunction for women and also eliminate stress incontinence. For the P-shot program otherwise known as Priapus Shot, PRP is effective in the treatment of male erectile dysfunction which results to increased sexual performance.

Cannabinoids (CBD) and Vegan Lifestyle

CBD derived from cannabis continue to be very resourceful in the field of medicine able to manage many complications and effectively give you a radiant skin. Research on cannabinoids proves that they have an anti-aging effect on people and work by reversing aging signs. This is even a better remedy than most in the market today as it is inexpensive. Our bodies naturally produce their own version of cannabinoids referred to as endocannabinoids in the ECS system. These act as neurotransmitters which regulate equilibrium and facilitate extended functions such as fertility, mood, memory function, appetite, sleep, hormones, the sensation of pain, boost immune system among many other functions. CBD are powerful antioxidants, some would agree they are more potent than vitamin C and E. It is this property that helps CBD reverse aging by cutting down on free radicals which damage the skin. The free radicals are responsible for the breakdown of collagen but with a powerful antioxidant, the breakdown slows down. Cannabinoid also improves oil production in the skin which serves to reduce the overall dryness. For the vegans, on the other hand, their skin is able to stay young and healthy because vital nutrients and phytochemicals responsible for skin health are plenty in plants. Vitamin C, antioxidants and nutricosmetics, for instance, safeguard the skin from UV-damage, anti-inflammation and activate skin rejuvenation which all result to anti-aging. It may be beyond your power to stop aging but it is well in your ability to do so with beauty and grace. At Doctors Studio you will conveniently get anti-aging and regenerative solutions from very friendly experts.


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