Aesthetic Problems


Feeling way too hot & bothered? Don’t Sweat It! Stuck on the freeway in a traffic jam in thirty-degree heat is no fun. The windows are rolled down as you try to enjoy just a little respite from the powerful rays of the sun that won’t stop beating down on you. Sweat pours down your brow and the back of your shirt.


Make Every Day A Great Skin Day! It can feel tough when you jump out of bed feeling youthful, full of life & ready to face yet another awesome day. You walk into work, coffee in hand, feeling great…then your well-meaning colleagues ask if you are tired, or had a rough night, and are you feeling okay? And it knocks the positivity right out of you!


With age comes wisdom (wonderful!)…and skin that loses its elastin and collagen (not so wonderful!). While we are all, no doubt, aging gracefully, and enjoying the benefits of wisdom & experience, we might feel that an older appearance on the outside of our bodies no longer reflects the youthful, dynamic & energetic personality within.


Aging Skin Can Be Beautiful Skin!

Aging carries a lot of benefits. With age comes wisdom, knowledge & experience…but it can also come with wrinkles, sagging skin, age spots, and other skin issues – which don’t feel quite so awesome!


Acne is a very common skin condition that flares up when our pores become blocked by sebum (an oily substance), hair, dead skin cells & bacteria, which in turn causes blockages in the skin that can lead to unpleasant pimples, whiteheads, nodules & blackheads that feel as if they are resistant to any type of treatment that you try! It is a condition that can be very damaging to your self-esteem, & can really harm your confidence.


What Happens During the Hyperpigmentation Process?

When hyperpigmentation occurs, it means that patches of your skin have become darker as a result of excess melatonin production. These patches can be caused by sun exposure as well as hormonal fluctuations and also skin problems such as acne.


Facial volume loss refers to the natural adaptations that can occur to the structure of our skin as we age, in large part because of a drop in collagen, elastin, and other proteins. As we age, patterns of subcutaneous fat storage also tend to diminish, meaning that a ‘plump’ youthful, healthy look can disappear from our skin and make skin appear, instead, a little more wrinkly or tired, while adaptations in bone mass and muscle mass can also play a role. Sun exposure can accelerate these effects too, as can smoking, stress & other related lifestyle factors.

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