Make Every Day A Great Skin Day!

It can feel tough when you jump out of bed feeling youthful, full of life & ready to face yet another awesome day. You walk into work, coffee in hand, feeling great…then your well-meaning colleagues ask if you are tired, or had a rough night, and are you feeling okay? And it knocks the positivity right out of you!

If your skin has lost its zest but gained a lot more wrinkles, it can cause the world to see someone tired or older looking than you really feel. And when that happens, it might just be a great time to invest in a great skincare plan, so that the dynamism of your personality is really allowed to shine through!

When your skin feels fresh, clear, full & sparkling, it can genuinely reflect your dynamism and energy. And that’s where great skincare at the Doctors Studio comes in. We can help you to make every day a great skin day!

What Causes Wrinkles?

Here’s a crazy fact. Even babies have wrinkles! In fact, all babies have wrinkles on their hands and feet, with smaller or premature babies appearing wrinklier in the days immediately after birth. Wrinkles themselves can be caused by a whole range of reasons & aren’t, in themselves, a dangerous or health-impacting issue, but the loss of fullness that causes wrinkles & accompanying the aging process can bother us, which means we negatively associate wrinkles with aging. Usually, wrinkles are caused by a serious drop in the level of collagen & elastin that occurs as we age, making skin appear saggier & thinner. The key is to restore that fullness and firmness using high-quality Doctors Studio skincare products, &/or one of our cutting-edge, clinically-developed therapies & treatments to really restore a rejuvenated, youthful glow. 

This drop-in collagen & elastin originates from hormonal adaptations that originate mainly from menopause & andropause, but also damage that the skin sustains as a result of exposure to pollution & toxins, smoking, &/or excessive sun exposure. It can occur anywhere on the body, with knees, face & decolletage usually the areas that bother us most, & genetics can influence how wrinkly we get, & how fast.

Why Skincare Works

Skin can also become old and tired-looking when it loses moisture, which is why a great skincare routine can often work wonders! Men and women can both benefit from awesome wrinkle treatments, from convenient, at-home, easy to apply skin products such as our exclusive Rejuvaderm product to advanced medical peels. Here are just a few of the therapies & treatments our clients love to help rejuvenate their skin:

  • Medical Peels
  • Rejuvaderm and Juvederm PLUS
  • Ozone Therapy
  • Platelet-Rich Plasma (Vampire facials, breast lifts & facelifts)
  • Botox-Xeomin-Dysport treatments
  • Microneedling
  • Fillers (Juvederm treatments)

We take a really comprehensive approach to wellness, and we might even discuss hormone therapy with you, or epigenetic screening (which allows us to modify lifestyle factors, such as stress levels, that are influencing your genetic activity). Epigenetic hair tests allow us to gain a really great overview of your health, to see if there are any ways that we can improve immunity, cellular functioning & the slowing down of the biological aging process, & pathogen, toxin, and nutrient testing can tell us whether vitamin or mineral deficiencies and unhealthy, unbalanced gut, or pathogens are contributing to prematurely aging skin.

A Refreshed, Fuller, Firmer Look

Let us help you achieve a fresher, fuller & firmer look so that the dynamism & radiant energy of your personality is able to shine through with fresher, more radiant skin! 

Whether wrinkles – or any other skin issue such as hyperpigmentation, loss of volume, sagginess, or acne – are bothering you and impacting your quality of life, contact the Doctors Studio today and we will look forward to walking you through all the available testing, treatment & therapy options!

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