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When it comes to your health, only the best will do. And when it comes to hair loss, you can’t afford to turn to anyone but the best hair loss specialists. Hair loss can be heartbreaking, which is why the Doctors Studio is passionate about helping its clients restore their hair to its former glory, relieving them of the distress of thinning hair & bald patches. 

We begin by offering you an in-depth consultation to find out exactly how your hormones, gut microbiota, existing conditions, inflammation, vitamin & mineral imbalances might be making hair loss occur. It is only by understanding with pinpoint accuracy what is causing your hair loss that we can then seek to reverse & stop hair loss altogether, rejuvenating hair growth for a long time to come.

What Do We Offer?

At the Doctors Studio, we offer cutting-edge, medically-focused, progressive tests, therapies & treatments designed to optimize your health & wellness. With over 13 years of clinical experience, and founded by medical doctor Dr. Roy, who is recognized as a genuine leader in her field, our practice continues to offer the kind of innovative, safe & clinically-based, progressive approaches that you can trust & rely on to get you exactly the results you need. Hair loss interventions remain one of our most popular therapeutic areas of treatment. We offer really innovative treatments such as Studio Scalp and PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatments, and our clients have reported amazing results!

Men’s & Women’s Clinics

We are extremely well-versed in treating men and women with their hair loss & health issues, so we can help your partner as well as you, too!

It is amazing what can lie at the root of hair loss. For example, our toxicity, pathogen, nutrition & gut microbiome-based testing strategies can shed amazing light on gut health & any digestive issues you might be experiencing which might contribute to the hair loss that you are experiencing. 

Cutting edge medically-progressive technologies allow us to find out if age-related hormonal imbalances might instead hold the key. Your body exhibiting signs of being in a pre-diabetic state might offer further clues given the critical role of insulin in hair loss. Ultimately, telomere testing, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Ozone, laser, IV-based therapies, and so many other innovative approaches, testing & therapies that we have at our fingertips allow us to rapidly dial down to the root cause of your hair loss and fix the problem as efficiently and quickly as we can.  

Delivered by a highly experienced team, in the comfort of our Boca Raton practice, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best treatment in the safest hands!

Personalized Treatments & Programs

Another aspect of our practice that sets us apart is our ability to create personalized medications and supplements (such as our awesome custom-made personalized plant supplements) and to engage you on life-changing programs, such as Studio Lean, that are designed to effect permanent & positive lifestyle, nutritional & wellness-focused change. During your consultation we can discuss these options with you, learning more about what makes you tick, what your goals, concerns & interests are, and how best we can support you! It might be that a hair loss intervention consists of a single therapy or a more extensive lifestyle rebalance, but whatever we provide for you, we will make sure that it works with your goals and lifestyle and that it delivers you the results that you need & deserve!

Contact the Doctors Studio Today

Unlike many other wellness practices, our Studio Team is not only well-versed in talking you through the specificities of this progressive hair replacement therapy. We are also medically trained to identify any hormonal or endocrinological, nutritional, or other imbalances that might prove to be a root cause of hair loss, which we can effectively treat using a range of progressive, next-gen & scientifically-backed hormone-based therapies tailored specifically to your unique needs. So contact us today if you feel that you, or someone you love, might benefit from hair restoration therapy and we look forward to helping you restore your hair to a great condition once again!

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