Hormone Evaluation - Hair

Hormone Evaluation – Hair Regrowth

Thinning hair can really knock our confidence. For males, hair is a powerful universal sign of virility & youth. Similarly, for women, lustrous, shiny locks signify beauty & femininity. So when we begin to lose our hair, we can feel like part of ourselves and our self-identity has fallen away. Hair loss is usually always hormonal, so a rigorous hormone evaluation is the first necessary step in leveling the playing field. From there, we use exactly the right effective, cutting-edge hair restoration therapies to bring back your hair – & your confidence – as rapidly as possible.

Hair loss is always a stressful and worrying event, with the unexplained and unforeseen nature of it a further reason to panic and catastrophize about where the hair loss cycle might end. The worry, anxiety & stress that hair loss can, ironically, cause raises stress hormones even further, making hair loss even worse as a result.

It might feel isolating & embarrassing when you look at your scalp and see bald spots and thin patches – yet 50 million men and 30 million women in the US are experiencing hair loss right now. If it happens to you, don’t be shy to seek help!

How Can I Fight Hair Loss?

Hair loss tends to be endocrinological in nature – that is, it is usually caused by hormonal shifts & imbalances. Some are age-related, some can be related to life events such as pregnancy, while others might be caused by illnesses or stress – but regardless, hormones lie at the base of hair-related change in each & every scenario. 

Hormone evaluation, subsequently, lies at the heart of our super-efficient approach to restoring hair loss. First, we need to understand the root cause.

As a result, the Doctors Studio has always taken a very clear approach to hormone evaluation. We test hormones using sophisticated, progressive, medically-founded technology, work out not only hormonal levels but hormonal imbalances, treat those sub-optimized hormonal levels, then provide you with the therapies & treatments that you need to restore thicker, fuller hair to you, allowing you again to feel confident & have the peace of mind that you won’t be hit by unexplainable, distressing hair loss again.

How Do Hormones Cause Hair Loss?

Your endocrine system is a powerful mediator of hair health, and it is also very sensitive to shifts in diet, stress, age, lifestyle, supplementation & other variables. Unless you optimize your hormonal balance, you are at risk of a whole host of dysfunctional symptoms – including thinning hair.

Did you know, in fact, that thinning hair is regarded as a classic symptom of hormonal changes?

Hair can tell us a lot about our endocrinological health (the balance & healthy levels of hormones within our bodies) and also alert us effectively to imbalances, so improving hair health with lifestyle changes and nutrition changes can actually also have the effect of improving our all-round health.

How Much Do You Know About Your Hair?

Although we, as a culture, spend a fortune on hair products every year – hairdressers bills, styling products, crimping, straightening, dying, deep conditioning – we generally pay very little attention to the hair itself! Our hair is almost exhaustively productive!- cycling between rest (the telogen phase: shedding – usually on to your hairbrush), regeneration (the anagen phase: about 90% of healthy hair is in this phase), and degeneration (the catagen phase: the hair is on your head, but no active growth), with an amazing ability to alternate between these rest and growth phases. Dysfunctions occur when the anagen phase is disrupted and the telogen phase is increased.

If you feel really stressed at work, burnt out, & overtired, can it really make your hair fall out?

In a word, yes. The stress hormone cortisol can target our hair follicles directly if we are exposed to stress, anxiety, depression, or a negative or overwhelming environment for too long. The ongoing stress associated with hair loss can often have the effect of raising stress hormones even further, which allows the cycle to continue.

Can pregnancy really cause hair to fall out at an alarming rate?

It can seem like that, yes. During pregnancy, a majorly increased supply of progesterone and estradiol can really help make our hair feel thicker and shinier than ever (the ‘glow’ everyone talks about!). But afterward, when the body’s hormones return to more normal levels, anagenic hair growth patterns return to normal, too, and we can subsequently end up shedding a lot of hair in the shower (which can feel distressing!). For some women, major postpartum hormone shifts can also cause ongoing hair loss due to hormonal imbalances. The same thing can happen post-menopause as sex hormone levels feel as if they are falling off a metaphorical cliff, with hair loss a subsequent possible side-effect. Understanding these sub-optimized hormonal levels can help us in prescribing effective hormone treatments that can rebalance the endocrine system and halt hair loss in its tracks.

PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) is another condition relatively common amongst women that can cause hair loss (on the scalp). PCOS is linked to a dysfunctionally high level of androgen hormones which a Doctors Studio test would easily pick up. 

When it comes to hair loss in men & women, one thing is clear – our endocrine system and the individual hormones within our bodies play a defining role in hair health. Losing hair can be distressing but the right tests can help us understand the hormonal changes that are causing it – and exactly what we can do about it!

Hormone Evaluation at the Doctors Studio

At the Doctors Studio, we have a range of progressive, next-gen, clinically-tested technology at our fingertips.

We may use epigenetic hair testing, urine or blood sampling to ascertain the hormonal health & balance of your body to immediately understand how hormones might be impacting hair loss. From there, we can advise some awesome therapies & treatments such as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), combining them, perhaps, with nutritional & supplemental strategies designed to maximally rebalance & heighten sub-optimized hormone levels.

Fight Hair Loss & Restore Confidence

A hormonal evaluation at the Doctors Studio not only helps you to understand – and fight – hair loss. It also works out whether hair loss is a symptom of a more serious hormonal imbalance or other undetected condition. An investment in a Hair Hormone Evaluation is subsequently a great investment to make in the maintenance of your overall health, as well as a fantastic first step in fighting hair loss. After we talk you through your results, we will immediately advise you whether Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) or other effective hair regeneration strategies are the right choice for you, & arrange your treatment. So when you sign up for a Doctors Studio hormone evaluation, get ready for an end to the stress of hair loss and a return of confidence, thicker hair & optimized health! If you feel that you, or someone you love, would benefit from a hormone evaluation, contact us today and we are ready to help.

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