Hair Loss Treatment

Hormone Optimization HAIR

Recent statistics show that up to 80% of women suffer from hormonal imbalance at some point in their lives! Men face similar problems – by the age of 40, most men have only half the level of growth hormones that they had when they were in their 20’s. By the age of 80, that level has usually fallen to around 5%!

Customized Medications HAIR

Since hair loss tends to be both gradual and progressive, it is often wise to combine medical treatments & therapies with specialist compounded medications in order to achieve the most rapid, optimal result. Specialty compounded medications such as Finasteride, 82M and 82F can enhance the long-term outcome of any hair regrowth treatment program.


Delivering nutrients directly into your bloodstream to fight vitamin & mineral deficiencies & restore hair thickness & regrowth! Get the boost you need today and take hair restoration – as well as fitness, emotional wellness & overall health – to the next level!


When hair thins, it can make you feel depressed, as if your vitality, youth & attractiveness have disappeared. Bring back the adventure, energy & joie de vivre to life with Studio Scalp, an innovative new hair restoration therapy that will restore your confidence & bring back thicker, healthier hair once again!

Lifestyle Intervention HAIR

We begin with a comprehensive health check & a consultation where we look at your medical history, consider diet, supplementation, the health of your gut, toxicity levels, and everything that might contribute to the endocrinological, hormone & physiologic balance that might be contributing to hair loss.

PRP - Science

PRP is a treatment that concentrates blood plasma taken from your own blood in a fast and simple procedure. Plasma is a natural component of human blood, containing proteins that prevent blood clotting and support cellular growth, repair & angiogenesis (the creation of new cells).

HAIR GROWTH Peptide Therapy

Harness the power of peptides to restore and reverse hair loss & regain lost confidence with the Doctors Studio. Our functional medicine-focused approach ensures that we have the tests, therapies & treatments to dial down to the root cause of your hair loss so that we can treat it effectively, & give you the best opportunity possible to regain a full head of hair.


Hair loss currently affects 50 million male and 30 million female Americans. A widening hairline, bald patch, receding &/or thinning hair can rob us of our confidence & self-identity. For women, thinning hair can make us feel less feminine, whilst males may harbor feelings of lost masculinity, youth & virility.

Scalp PRP

Your body is an incredible machine, where countless complex biological processes take place millisecond by millisecond, protecting, rejuvenating, restoring, balancing, fighting toxins & powering thinking, movement, digestion & even sleeping. Platelets in your blood have a powerful role to promote cell growth & enable regeneration and restoration to take place if any kind of inflammation or dysfunction is present.

Targeted Supplements HAIR

Studies clearly identify the key role of Vitamin D in preventing hair loss. To be most effectively absorbed, we also need an adequate level of Vitamin K. The Doctors Studio has subsequently created a dedicated, targeted hair loss supplement – Studio D3K2 – that combines Vitamin D with Vitamin K, also providing calcium that is essential in preventing hair loss. 

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