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Male pattern baldness (androgenic alopecia) affects an estimated 50 million men and 30 million women in the United States and is likely something that has worried you enough to stumble upon this article.

But let’s get one thing straight from the get-go. This is about more than getting thicker hair or fighting a receding hairline. Sure, you’ve come to this page for exactly that reason, but the way to really maximize hair restoration, regardless of treatment or therapy, is to address all underlying causes that contribute to hair loss. We can use Platelet Rich Plasma to stimulate new hair growth but then what? That’s a temporary fix. We need to make sure we’ve drilled down to the real root cause to stop hair loss from happening again. As functional medical specialists we appreciate the true value of long-term solutions and at the Doctors Studio that’s exactly what you’ll get – which is why a lifestyle intervention focused on hair health is so effective.

What Does a Lifestyle Intervention Include?

We begin with a comprehensive health check & a consultation where we look at your medical history, consider diet, supplementation, the health of your gut, toxicity levels, and everything that might contribute to the endocrinological, hormone & physiologic balance that might be contributing to hair loss. Tests, therapeutic recommendations & interventions might differ as our approach is always highly tailored & personalized to the unique needs of every individual.

As leading functional medical specialists with a focus on optimized, peak performance, we can offer some amazing therapies to tackle hair loss, such as PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) &/or Studio Scalp, or GHK-Cu copper peptide therapy. 

But before we get to prescribing & using them, we need to make sure that you are also taking in the nutrients you need and optimizing your health in order for the most effective hair restoration to occur. We need to make sure that stress isn’t exacerbating hair loss, that your diet & supplement use is on point, & that there aren’t any underlying illnesses causing the hair loss in the first place.

Hair loss can often be a symptom of age-related dysfunction and hormonal shifts (e.g., due to menopause or andropause), so often we look to hormone management &/or optimization. Ultimately, hair loss can occur for a myriad of issues so to recognize the best treatment we first need to know exactly what issue we are dealing with. That is how to make sure we achieve the absolute best results that we can secure for each and every patient. Then once we’ve treated it, we establish meaningful lifestyle-based changes to ensure that the problem doesn’t occur again.

Lifestyle interventions are so effective even before we’ve gotten to some of our powerful hair restoration therapies such as PRP or Studio Scalp – in fact, some of our clients have achieved really powerful results from lifestyle modification alone!

Why Do I Need A Lifestyle Intervention?

Remember when you felt like a million bucks, energy to spare, you rolled out of bed in the mornings ready to go, your hair was thick & glossy, your skin was glowing without you really trying, and you just felt and looked good? Then somewhere along the way, without you even really noticing, those awesome energy levels fell away a little bit, gym gains got a little slower, life got a bit, well…tougher. And you woke up one day, thinking, where did the old me go?!

That’s why you need one.

If any of the above sounds familiar, rest assured – you are certainly not alone. The crazy demands of modern life can knock us off our feet at times, so if you feel a little knocked off your feet right now and could do with a little help, it might be a great time for a lifestyle intervention at the Doctors Studio – a simple fine-tune to make sure that your hormones, nutrition, supplements, sleep schedule, & exercise are right on par, not only to deal with a receding hairline, for example but to optimize health & happiness and stop any other age-related signs of dysfunction in their tracks.

How Can A Lifestyle Intervention Help Hair Loss?

Not many people are aware that just a small vitamin, mineral, hormone, or other imbalance can sometimes cause an avalanche of wellness issues that can have major knock-on effects on hair loss, sleep, skin quality, energy levels, emotion & mood. Why let something so small (& often simple for us to treat & resolve) have so much control over your happiness, wellness & quality of life? Did you know, for example, that riboflavin, biotin, folate, and vitamin B12 deficiencies have been associated with hair loss? Simple dietary adaptations can subsequently reap major potential rewards.

An undiagnosed thyroid issue might be causing some major hair loss issues, as can sub-optimized levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is made from testosterone in men by an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase and also made in women by DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone). It is five times more potent than testosterone itself. Both DHT, testosterone, and also DHEA levels decline as we age which can contribute to hair loss.

Diet for Hair Growth

It is not only hormone levels that are important, however, but your genetic sensitivity of hair follicles to these hormones. While you cannot adapt your genetics, you can adapt serious amplifying factors – such as the level of stress in your life – that might be notably influencing the power of genetic responses. We can subsequently work with you to consider lifestyle adaptations that can powerfully influence the balance of natural hormones in your body, help you to manage the stress that could be exacerbating hair loss issues, and even use an epigenetic hair test to work out how healthy you (and your hair) are!

What is a Lifestyle Intervention, Exactly?

Lifestyle intervention is an awesome therapeutic service offered by the Doctors Studio. We build on the generic approach of clinicians and medics in using lifestyle interventions as a first, valuable line of defense in preventing and treating serious conditions, as well as in simply making you feel AWESOME. Your target might be reversing hair loss &/or something else and we can gear our lifestyle intervention to achieving exactly the results that you are hoping for.

It could be that our tests uncover seriously negative microbiota health in your gut which has harmed your immunity, created digestive issues, & made you feel constantly run down, leeching the minerals from your body that are contributing to hair loss and contributing to a receding hairline. A compromised immunity can actually lead to your immune system attacking hair follicles, causing a condition known as alopecia areata. This means that something as seemingly unrelated as the quality of bacteria in your gut could, in fact, be playing a major role in your hair loss! We appreciate the delicate interrelatedness of the biology that makes your body work which is why we look closely at all of these salient factors.

Maybe you are approaching pre-diabetes & we need to give your diet an overhaul to eradicate the risk altogether; most people don’t realize that diabetes is linked closely to hair loss. We’ve helped a lot of clients manage our pre-diabetic symptoms completely by a lifestyle overhaul and we can help you do that, too. 

It could be that natural age-related testosterone & hormonal decline has made your hairline retreat at an alarming rate, leaving you feeling tired, less able to chase major gains in the weights room, &/or impacted your satisfaction in the bedroom. We can help you deal with all of those issues using some great hormone replacement & hormone boosting therapies &/or targeted lifestyle changes.

Our approach is, ultimately, a preventative one – we always try to deliver optimized health to you, not just average, or acceptable health. We don’t see health as simply the absence of disease – we see it as a purely optimized state where you are performing at a genuinely high quality of life, with amazing sleep, a great mood, feeling & looking as good as it is possible to be. 

We don’t think of thinning hair, getting tired, and feeling worn out as ‘the normal effects of aging. You simply don’t have to put up with that. And we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach; you are unique and your health care should be, too.

What Exactly Will You Focus On?

At the Doctors Studio, we look at every area of your life, to make sure that you are optimizing health & wellness, performing any tests that are necessary to work out what might be making your hair loss occur, and investigating anything that might be making you feel less than yourself. We then advise you on the therapies, treatments, &/or lifestyle adaptations that will restore you to optimal functionality, health & happiness – and a fuller head of hair. 

Our most major approaches focus on:

  • Diet, nutrition & supplementation: Are you taking in the macro & micronutrients that you need to stimulate hair growth & minimize hair loss? Are your vitamins on point? Do you have healthy gut microbiota?
  • Hormones: Are your hormones balanced and at the levels they should be to prevent or reverse hair loss?
  • Exercise & Fitness: Is your exercise & activity level where they should be, and how can different kinds of exercise help you at your unique, specific life stage (e.g., to manage symptoms of andropause that can contribute to hair loss)?
  • Toxicity: Do you have a build-up of toxicity (e.g., pollutants, heavy metals) with your body?
  • Do you have any underlying health conditions (diagnosed or undiagnosed) such as a dysfunctional thyroid or pre-diabetes, or diabetes, that could be directly linked to your hair loss?
  • General lifestyle: How’s your sleep hygiene? How are your mental & physical stress levels, because if they are high they could be exacerbating genetic susceptibility to hair loss? What mindfulness approaches or habits do you use (if any) when it comes to managing these stress levels? 

With a lifestyle intervention focused specifically on the maximization of hair quality & hair restoration, you’ll learn so much about your health, right down to the cellular level. We’ll provide you with the information, the fine-tuning, the strategies, the testing, and, if necessary, the therapies & treatments that you need to ensure that you achieve thicker hair, a reversal of hair loss, and a powerfully regenerative experience that deals with the underlying issues that caused your hair issues in the first place. Ultimately, in addressing the root cause of your hair loss, we will also return you to an optimized state of health & keep you there LONG-TERM.

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We are experts in performance medicine, sexual performance & the use of progressive, next-gen, scientifically-backed approaches. We love to help our clients take a holistic approach to work out exactly how to optimize their hairline, their body & their overall health on an aesthetic, physiological, emotional & even cellular level! So if you feel that you, or someone that you love, would benefit from Doctors Studio lifestyle intervention for a receding hairline, thinning hair, baldness – or any other dysfunctional issue – don’t suffer in silence. Get in touch today and we look forward to helping you.

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