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Targeted Hair Supplements: Studio D3K2

Studies clearly identify the key role of Vitamin D in preventing hair loss. To be most effectively absorbed, we also need an adequate level of Vitamin K. The Doctors Studio has subsequently created a dedicated, targeted hair loss supplement – Studio D3K2 – that combines Vitamin D with Vitamin K, also providing calcium that is essential in preventing hair loss. 

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How Else Can I Fight Hair Loss?

The Doctors Studio also offers cutting-edge, clinically-tested therapies such as PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) that have been shown to effectively enable new hair growth. We can also book you in for a lifestyle intervention, hormonal & nutritional tests to check that you are getting the vitamins & minerals that you need to sustain healthy hair, & to identify whether any hormonal imbalances lie at the root of your hair loss.

What Nutrients Does My Hair Need?

You can also ensure that you are optimizing your nutrient intake. We can measure this for you and check if you have any imbalances or deficiencies, &/or create a personalized plant-based supplement for you, &/or create a nutrition program for you that will help you to detoxify & increase nutrient intake & absorption. You can also check yourself if your diet is rich in the following:

Every cell in your body needs an adequate source of Vitamin A. As the fastest growing tissue in your body, hair cells are no different! It is also vital to the development of sebum on the scalp – the substance that keeps hair healthy. A Vitamin A deficiency can cause hair loss. Vitamin A can be found in vegetables such as kale and spinach, in cod liver oil & in dairy products such as eggs, milk & yogurt.

A B-vitamin called biotin is linked to hair loss in the presence of a Biotin deficiency. While other B-vitamins are not directly linked to hair loss or regrowth, B-vitamins nevertheless remain crucial in the transport of oxygen & nutrients to the scalp that allow the anagenic (hair growth) phase of the hair cycle to take place. Natural sources include some nuts, fish, dark, leafy green vegetables and meat. Some vegans and vegetarians might find supplementing is necessary as high-quality B12 sources are generally only found in meat.

Healthy hair also needs Vitamin C, which blocks free radical damage that can cause your hair (&, in fact, all of the other cells in your body) to age prematurely. As a powerful antioxidant, it protects your body against oxidative stress,  allows you to absorb iron more effectively (iron is essential for healthy hair growth) & facilitates the effective creation of the protein collagen which is a vital part of your hairs’ structure. The best source of Vitamin C is in fruits such as citrus fruits and berries and can also be found in broccoli, brussel sprouts & potatoes.

Research shows that a vitamin D  deficiency can contribute to alopecia (hair loss) and that it can also stimulate hair follicle growth. The sun is perhaps the most fun way of gaining the Vitamin D you need as the body cannot produce its own (who needs an extra excuse for more time sunbathing on the beach?!) but fatty fish and cod liver oil are also great dietary sources. Vitamin D is most easily & effectively absorbed in the presence of Vitamin K, which can be obtained from

Studies have also shown Vitamin E to play a positive role in hair regrowth and in preventing hair loss, possibly because its antioxidative properties can powerfully protect the body (and hair cells) from oxidative stress. Great sources of vitamin E include some seeds, avocados, & spinach.

Studio D3K2

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