Membership Benefits

The practice business model and client experience design are developed to help the Studio Team guide you in the direction of your highest productivity. We want to help you regain control over your life and wellness. We care about your wellbeing and we have a stake in your success.

You only pay us while you are fully engaged in the program and succeeding.

Once you see no progress or you stop engaging fully, you can drop out of membership. Honestly, we only want to work with people who will have success in the program. If we are not the right fit, we want to acknowledge this right away, so no one is wasting time or resources.

Medical Provider Access and Professional Time

  • There is No Limit to Clinically Appropriate Visits for consultation
  • Professional Time Spent – Before, during, and after appointments
  • Scheduled Professional Accesses through email, Video Conference and Phone
  • Professional collaboration with primary care and other specialists as a patient advocate when necessary
  • Professional research and education time to further improve patient care
  • Hormone Pellet Implantation procedure (hormone pellets and supplies are an additional cost to the member)

Clinical and Administrative Liaison, Client Services, and Administrative Support

  • Assistance with medical information access and clinical requests via Patient Portal
  • Assistance with a supplement, medication, and lab acquisition
  • Unlimited Support via personal interaction, email, video, or telephone
  • Coordination of services, medications, labs, etc.
  • Transaction and Billing management, questions and concerns


Unlimited Provider Consultation (as deemed reasonable and appropriate) is included in the membership benefit.

Unlimited, appropriate client services and administrative assistance is included as a membership benefit.

All Other Services, Procedures, Techniques, Labs, Supplements, Medications, Diagnostics, Technology, etc. are at an additional charge. You are notified of additional charges at your request.

MEMBERSHIP CONTRACT: You will sign a membership contract. The document is written with legal counsel. Its purpose is to inform, guide, and protect patients, providers, and practice. The term of the Agreement is for twelve (12) months and renews automatically provided payment is made and the provider deems the client is appropriate for the practice.

You may cancel your membership with the practice at any time and for any reason after the 90-day minimum period with a 30-day notice in writing. Billing will cease following 30-days after written notice is received. You will be provided a 30-day prescription for all medications so that you will have time to find an alternative care provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is your practice different from a traditional practice?
In a traditional practice, a doctor may care for several hundred patients. In our practice, the number of patients is limited. This is intentional as it allows the Studio Medical Team to focus on providing exceptional patient care.

How quickly can I see my provider?
Our members enjoy a flexible yet prompt appointment schedule. The Membership allows for unlimited practitioner visits.

Is there a limit to how many times I can see the provider?
No. Our commitment is to care for you and to address your wellness needs. No reasonable request for consultation will be denied.

Can I reach my provider directly?
Absolutely. You may email your provider with non-urgent inquiries at any time. You will receive a response by the end of the next business day or sooner.

Do I have to go to a lab for blood collection?
There are several options for lab specimen collection.

  1. IN-OFFICE COLLECTION (No Fee): You may schedule an appointment that is convenient for you to have your specimens collected at Doctors Studio.
  2. IN LABORATORY COLLECTION (Fee may apply): You may schedule an appointment to have your specimens collected at the laboratory contracted to collect and process the required specimen.
  3. MOBILE PHLEBOTOMY (A FEE WILL APPLY): You may schedule to have a contracted phlebotomist to collect your specimens at the location of your choice (home, office, hotel, etc.)

Significantly discounted self-pay rates are provided to you. We will not participate with insurance of any kind.

What is not covered in the membership?
ALL SERVICES, PROCEDURES, PRODUCTS, Labs, pharmacy charges, radiology, hospitalization, specialist visits, treatment procedures, supplements, and medications are not included but may be covered according to your individual insurance plan.

Do I pay each time I see my provider as well?
No. Your membership fee includes all consultation services, hormone pellet implantation procedures, and chiropractic manipulation. Diagnostic and treatment services are at additional fees and will be provided to you upon request.

How do I pay the membership fee?
The membership is paid as an ongoing and automatically recurring monthly fee. Our system automatically charges a debit/credit card on file each month on a designated day.

Will insurance or Medicare cover the membership fee?
NO. Commercial insurance and Medicare will NOT cover or reimburse the medical membership fee.

Will insurance or Medicare cover services I get at Doctors Studio?

Medical services provided by the Studio Medical Team may be an approved expense by NON-MEDICARE INSURANCE (used toward deductible) if using a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flex Spending Account (FSA). Please check with your employer and/or accountant. Doctors Studio is NOT responsible for any issues concerning the use of insurance for fees paid to the practice or partner service providers of the practice.

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