Bladder Pain

When the bathroom turns into an intimidating place, you know it’s time to seek help! Find out the cause of your bladder pain & discomfort today & let us help you eradicate your symptoms for good.

Have you ever experienced a burning pain, an uncomfortable or painful bladder before, during, or after urination, or a general feeling of discomfort in your bladder area that is making you feel miserable?

You’re not alone. Bladder pain is, in fact, very common in men, and most men will experience bladder discomfort or pain at some point in their life. Bladder pain & discomfort is a common symptom that can be attributed to multiple different bladder conditions, which we know can often lead to misdiagnosis.

At the Doctors Studio, we know how men’s bladder conditions are often misdiagnosed. We are experienced in testing for, & treating, all of them! We are cognizant of the right tests to use, & the right treatments to undertake, to give you the best chance of recovery. 

If you’ve found this article it might be because you’re already experiencing bladder pain, so let’s take a look at the common causes behind it, & how we can help you to treat it.

So, What is Bladder Pain, Exactly, & What Causes It?

Most men will experience pain or discomfort in their pelvis at some time in their life, with common symptoms including difficulty, pain, or frequent urination, unexplained pain in the anus, groin, abdomen, or bladder, pain during ejaculation, or trouble maintaining or getting an erection.

Although some men present asymptomatically (e.g., they have inflammatory cells in urine but are unaware of it as they have no physical symptoms), you are highly likely to present with symptoms that could include dreading going to the bathroom because of pain or discomfort, blood in your urine, a stinging, painful feeling when you pass urine, that feeling of wanting to urinate more frequently (but feeling at the same time that you can’t ever completely empty your bladder), and even the onset of a fever or chills.

At the Doctors Studio, we offer tests, treatments & therapies aimed at really getting to the root cause of your bladder issues, offering powerful treatments aimed at restoring you to your full health once again. What is most important to us is that you receive the RIGHT diagnosis, as these common symptoms are all potentially attributable to multiple different conditions. And the faster we get to the correct diagnosis, the faster we get to the correct treatment.

Let’s begin by taking a look at one of the most major causes of BPS – Bladder Pain Syndrome – a disorder that is still frequently misdiagnosed in men!

BPS (Bladder Pain Syndrome)

BPS is usually accompanied by a set of symptoms that include a chronic feeling of discomfort when the bladder fills with urine, &/or when the bladder is relieved of urine via urinating. It is often linked to, &/or associated with a condition known as Chronic Prostatitis (CP) and Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (CPPS). As these conditions have many similar symptoms, it is common to misdiagnose one for the other, so we often encounter patients frustrated that they have received treatment, yet their symptoms have not gone away.

What usually happens in these cases is that men with IC / BPS receive a delayed diagnosis because they have previously been incorrectly categorized as suffering from prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia, or epididymitis. By the time the correct diagnosis of IC/BPS has been made, symptoms have often worsened. This is something that we can help to rectify at the Doctors Studio.

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPC)

Another relatively common cause of bladder pain is BPC. BPC, also known as prostate gland enlargement, is relatively common in men – especially older men.  Currently, 50% of men between 51-60 are thought to suffer from the condition, while up to 90% of men older than 80 years of age are thought to have it. An enlarged prostate gland attributable to BPC can be very uncomfortable, causing urinary symptoms such as pain or discomfort when the flow of urine is blocked when a man tries to urinate, or where general where pain or discomfort is experienced, &/or when other bladders, kidney or urinary tract problems occur.


Epididymitis is another well-known condition that can cause bladder pain & discomfort and presents as an inflammation of the epididymis (the coiled tube located at the back of the testicles that helps to store & carry sperm). When this tube becomes inflamed it can cause pain and discomfort, usually around the testicles, which might also swell. Sufferers can also experience a low-grade fever and chill alongside pain & discomfort in the general pelvic area, a feeling of pressure, tenderness &/or pain in the testicles, discomfort, redness or increased skin temperature in the scrotum, enlarged groin lymph nodes, pain during sex, pain during urination, pain during bowel movements, the need to urinate very frequently, abnormal-looking penile discharge, and blood in the semen.

It is thought that around 600,000 men suffer from epididymitis every year in the US, mostly in the 18-35 age group, so we generally tend to see the condition amongst young men. It usually occurs due to a bladder or urinary tract infection, sexually transmitted disease (STD), or bacterial infection.

Chronic Prostatitis/Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (CP/CPPS)

The most common cause of bladder, or pelvic pain, in men, is prostatitis, or inflammation of the prostate (a walnut-sized gland located in front of the rectum, and below the bladder, which the urethra runs through).  Your prostate produces much of the fluid that is found in semen.

It is thought that around 5-10% of all men will be suffering from prostatitis at any given time, & it is the most common urologic diagnosis (urologic means related to the urinary tract) in men younger than 50 years old. Non-bacterial prostatitis (CPPS III in the list below) occurs in around 90% of cases and can be caused by UTI’s and STD’s:

Recently, the National Institute of Health created a classification scheme that allowed CP to be diagnosed in a more specific, detailed way, leading to the following CPPS classifications:

  • Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome I (formerly Acute Bacterial Prostatitis): the acute, sudden onset of pelvic pain, bacteria identified in urine or prostate secretions, & usually also fever and other signs of infection
  • Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome II (formerly Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis): a recurrent/chronic pelvic pain, usually with no fever present, & no other signs of infection other than bacteria identified in urine or prostate secretions
  • Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome III (formerly Non-Bacterial Prostatitis / Prostatodynia): a recurrent or chronic pelvic pain, with no bacteria identified in urine or in prostatic secretions.  It can be either type A, where inflammatory cells are found in urine or prostate secretions, or Type B, where no inflammatory cells are present
  • Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome IV: inflammatory cells in urine or prostate secretions, alongside no other symptoms (i.e., the patient can be asymptomatic).

Let the Doctors Studio Help You!

Don’t let your bladder pain get you down and stop you from enjoying the hobbies, sports & leisure time pursuits that you love!

Instead, contact the Doctors Studio to schedule testing & treatment that will get you back on your feet. We are experienced at navigating through the many different symptoms & causes of bladder pain in men, and we look forward to delivering the right treatment that you need so that you can restore & optimize your health once again. You deserve a life free of pain, so don’t suffer in silence! It is also crucial that you don’t simply live with the symptoms of bladder pain that you might be experiencing, as leaving them untreated can lead to more severe and serious health issues further down the line.

So, if you or someone you love would benefit from bladder pain testing & treatment, contact the Doctors Studio today!

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