Healthy men have healthy sex drives… PERIOD! ~ Dr. Lisbeth Roy

Men are expected to be manly, macho & virile.

So, when a low sex drive hits, do many of us feel ready to talk about it, let alone seek help for it? No! Socially the pressure is to be always in the mood, always ready for sex, because masculinity equals sexuality. Talking about a low sex drive is the last thing that many men would want to do.

But that’s just not how it works. A lot of men work in stressful, pressured jobs, holding down a career while having bills to pay and a family to support. What is more manly than that? Yet the stress hormones that accompany those kinds of daily life pressures can kill your libido pretty fast, increasing the stress hormone cortisol and lowering testosterone.

A Low Libido: More Common than you Think!

Around 15% of men will lose interest in sex altogether during their lifetime, and studies show that this loss of interest in sex usually comes with less overall happiness with life (suggesting that low sex drive, in these cases, is symptomatic of a far deeper problem). In the past year, some studies report up to 76% of people have felt seriously stressed – and we know that low libido is one classic, common side-effect of stress. If you’ve experienced it, chances are some of your friends and colleagues have it at some point, too.

Low libido can also be a symptom of depression, a side-effect of some very serious underlying health conditions (e.g., cardiovascular disease, diabetes, alcoholism, thyroid dysfunction, or a tumor in the pituitary glands that inhibit the release of sex hormones), so it is always critical to get it a low libido checked out as it might simply be your body’s way of warning you that something more serious is going on. Medications such as SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors, usually prescribed for depression) can also hit our libido hard – but there are things we can do to help, like recommending alternatives. The takeaway here is that low libido happens to a lot of us – and that getting it checked out is vital for long-term health.

Why You NEED that Orgasm!

Tried brain training exercises recently? These exercises target the exact responses that happen in your brain when you orgasm – except an orgasm does the job more efficiently! When you orgasm, there is a huge increase in brain activity, blood flow, & oxygen utilization which is great for the health of your brain. A rush of oxytocin, a bonding neurotransmitter, is an amazing natural pain reliever while getting 30 orgasms a month makes you 30% less likely (according to research) to get prostate cancer! Oxytocin & endorphins released via ejaculation create amazing natural stressbusters, whilst regular orgasms increase testosterone levels, which can lead to a literal symphony of health benefits.

A Healthy Sex Drive = A Healthy Body!

Ultimately, we at the Doctors Studio know that sex drive is tied powerfully to foundational health. If your sexual drive is off-kilter, then so is your health. We also know that hormone balance, nutrition, quality sleep, your overall sense of wellbeing, and a vast range of other factors all play an important role in sex drive and libido, which is why we use an extensive suite of tests, treatments & therapies to not only identify but then treat & optimize, your libido and overall health to restore you to true wellness and to allow you to enjoy a truly fulfilling sex life once again.

We can prescribe amazing testosterone therapies, for example, that offer all the benefits of Human Growth Hormone without any of the side effects. We can identify lifestyle adaptations, nutritional choices & drug-based alternatives that might solve your problem or test for a range of underlying conditions that might lie at the root of your loss of interest in sex. One of the treatments that we currently find particularly beneficial and popular, for example, is a peptide-based therapy that some men have told takes them right back to the days of maths classes, where hiding an unexpected erection had proved the most difficult challenging exercise to solve that day!

    “Some guys have said that they felt 25 again and loved it!“ – Studio Team

    Did you know that a healthy guy can have an orgasm just by dreaming about a sexual experience? That’s because orgasms and a powerful sex drive are normal indicators of health, provide a restorative service to the body and even allow you to drift into a better nights’ sleep. In fact, erotic daydreaming when you climb in between the sheets each evening can switch your brain to a delta wave frequency more efficiently, meaning you fall asleep faster, with more pleasure! Ultimately, sex and orgasms are natural, valuable parts of life – so when the sexual drive is off, we know that some kind of deep system malfunction has occurred and needs repair. The Doctors Studio are ready and waiting to help you restore your libido, ensuring that your health is on point, and enabling you to benefit once again from the incredible satisfaction & pleasure that a fulfilling sex life should bring. It’s what you deserve, so contact us and reclaim it today!


    Advanced Penile Imaging

    International Index of Erectile Dysfunction (IIEF) & Sexual Health Inventory for Men (SHIM)

    Learn more…

    Structured Medical Interview and Functional Physical Examination

    Complete Physical Exam, Vitals, Body Composition, HRV
    Validated Questionnaires: International Index of Erectile Dysfunction (IIEF) & Sexual Health Inventory for Men (SHIM)

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    Validated Questionnaires

    International Index of Erectile Dysfunction (IIEF) & Sexual Health Inventory for Men (SHIM).

    Advanced Diagnostics

    Advanced blood and urine testing to include inflammatory markers, focused genetics, hormone levels, metabolic markers, autoantibodies, immune system, kidney function, liver function, electrolytes, proteins, pancreatic enzymes, key nutrients, iron studies, and more.

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    Microvascular Diagnostics: GlycoCheck

    Erections depend upon the function of your microvascular and capillary system. You may look and even feel healthy on the outside, but inside your microvascular system, a completely different situation could be developing.

    Organ starvation is one reason that diseases begin in the body. When the capillaries begin to lose their function, vital organs don’t receive the nutrients needed to be healthy and the silent spiral of health decline begins. Often one of the first signs of microvascular disease is a change in erections quality.

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    Advanced Cardiovascular Diagnostics

    Coronary Calcium Score (CT), Carotid Ultrasound, and Intima Medial Thickening (CIMT) – early diagnostics of cardiovascular disease in difficult-to-detect young men.

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    Medical Thermography

    Imaging is used to identify the areas of the body with musculoskeletal issues affecting the penis and pelvis as well as proper areas for effective injection therapy, Li-SWL, PRP, SCRF, and Ozone.

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    DETOX & Herbal Protocol

    Systemic Intervention including nutritional, food program, and exercise prescriptions.
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    Low Intensity Shockwave Therapy (LI-ECSW)

    Used for both musculoskeletal (MS) treatments of pelvic bowel dysfunction and direct regeneration of blood vessels, nerves, and tissues of the penis.
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    Ozone / Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

    A PRP treatment begins with a simple blood draw. PRP is processed an FDA approved medical device that separates and harvests plasma, platelets, anti-inflammatory white blood cells, and bioactive proteins. The process to create PRP takes under 10 minutes.
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    Testosterone Optimization Therapy

    Testosterone Replacement entails restoring more youthful levels of testosterone in a way that protects your health and wellbeing.
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    Peptide Therapy

    Peptides are biological molecules found in all living organisms. They play a key role in all manner of biological activity.
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    TRIMIX Injections

    Tri-Mix simply means that there are three medications combined in one solution. The three medications in Tri-Mix are Papaverine, Phentolamine and Prostaglandin E1. The strength of these medications can be customized to the patient needs. There is no real “STANDAD DOSE”.
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    Regenerative Supplements

    R3, Endocalyx, Blood FX, Evening Primrose Oil, D3K2.

    Don’t Know Where to Start?

    The Studio Team is here to serve you.


    After our initial consultation, we start with a full assessment of your erection status by an expert using a dynamic duplex Doppler ultrasound, or otherwise known as PDDU.

    You also have the opportunity to discuss your specific challenges and goals with a sexual medicine expert.


    Once we have completed the PDDU and a very comprehensive review of your medical history, we will create a blueprint for success that is customized to the TRUTH about your specific challenges. A complete list and description of all the procedures, medications, supplements, devices, and technology listed in the blueprint. This gives you a step by step plan to follow with success assessments done along the way.


    Once you have your Blueprint all you need to do is follow your treatment schedule and listen to our advice and that’s it! Your sexual function will be restored in a natural lasting way, you may even experience sex in ways you could never experience even before your problems!

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