Diagnosing the root cause of your problem is the first step in understanding what is necessary to eliminate what is causing the problem and to return you to your maximum potential.


Alzheimer’s LINXTM is the result of years of intense research and development, led by Dr. Aristo Vojdani, a pioneering immunologist, recognized to many as the Father of Functional Immunology.


We have combined laboratory tests with in-office technology to offer needed insight so that the cause of your challenges can be easily identified and remedied.

Body Composition and Metabolic Rate

Knowing your body composition can help you assess your health and fitness level and will provide insight into what is happening in your body at a cellular level.

Brain Gauge MD

The Brain Gauge™ is a cognitive assessment tool that uses touch-based sensory testing to measure your brain health by testing sensory perceptions in your fingertips.

CIMT - Cardio Blockage and Plaque

The carotid intima-media thickness test (CIMT) is a measure used to diagnose the extent of carotid atherosclerotic vascular disease


When it comes to your health, only the best will do. Find out how The Doctors Studio – an experienced & highly regarded medical practice specializing in the fields of functional, anti-aging, sexual & performance medicine – can help you truly optimize your health in the most effective, safest & progressive way possible!


The DUTCH Test® provides excellent information for men looking to optimize their health and wellbeing.


Epigenetics is the science that shows that we do not need to be victims of our genetic inheritance. The Human Genome project was expected to confirm the existence of over 100,000 individual genes.

EPS Prostatic Secretions

The EPS is actually a test that we use frequently to accurately identify the cause of prostatitis so that the treatment will be more like a silver bullet rather than bird shot.

eVOX Qualitative EEG

Getting the eVox Brain Map is simple, painless, and only takes about 40 minutes in office. During the assessment, you will wear an EEG cap, similar to a swim cap.

Functional Health report

This type of approach is SPOT ON when it comes to getting to the root cause and creating an individual strategy to optimize YOUR outcome.

Functional Medical EXAM

We take the physical examination very seriously. We use high-tech tools such as HRV, Body Composition, Bio-resonance, Glycocheck and other in office diagnostic like Medical thermography, CIMT, PDDU, qEEG, and more to understand you at a deeper level.

Genetic testing

Genetic testing, also known as DNA testing, is used to identify changes in a DNA sequence or chromosome structure. At the Doctors Studio, we use genetic testing to monitor & measure the rate of genetic changes that occur within your body, such as telomere shortening, & epigenetic tests.


GlycoCheck™ is an integrated video microscopic and software system for monitoring the microvascular health in patients of specialty practice, functional medicine, chiropractic, naturopathic, holistic, and integrated medicine practitioners.

Hair Scan - Epigenetics

The hair scan is among the best tools in the toolbox at Doctors Studio. With just 4 hairs you are empowered to make the best decisions possible. This technology helps the Studio Team to support your immunity and wellbeing, energy systems, hormone balance, etc.

Hormone Evaluation

Hormone testing is an important consideration to make when you’re faced with changes in mood, libido, body weight, attitude, cognition, memory, and energy.

HRV - CV and autonomic nervous system

A good quality HRV device provides information about your adaptability and true state of cardiovascular health. The breakdown of your “systems” can take years to develop.


Balanced microbiome is essential for healthy human development, immunity and nutrition. The bacteria living in and on us are not invaders but beneficial colonizers.


Micronutrients are one of the major groups of nutrients your body needs. They include vitamins and minerals. Vitamins are necessary for energy production, immune function, blood clotting and other functions.


NeuroLipid Testing is the cell membrane and mitochondrial evaluation. We discover systematic and integrative methods to study the diversity, cellular distribution, and properties of lipids and protein-lipid interactions in situ, in the whole brain tissue.

Parasite Testing

Doctors Studio tests for all known bacteria, virus, parasites and fungi. This includes microbes that can cause intestinal issues, urinary tract infections, Lyme disease and many other issues.

Penile Doppler Ultrasound (PDDU)

The PDDU is used to produce images of the internal organs via the use of sound waves. This technology provides the Studio team a view of what is going on inside your penis.


Evaluation of telomere length is an indicator of how rapidly one ages relative to a normal population. Therapies directed at slowing the loss of telomere length may slow aging and age-related diseases.


At Doctors Studio we use Medical Thermography to help us identify areas of inflammation and restriction that may be contributing to dysfunction. Medical Thermography is an amazing tool when used in conjunction with many other diagnostic strategies. The Studio Team is happy to have another way to look deeply into the body for answers that will help build the most effective treatment plan.


Toxicity can be measured by its effects on the target organism, organ, tissue or cell. Because individuals typically have different levels of response to the same dose of a toxic substance, a population-level measure of toxicity is often used which relates the probabilities of an outcome for a given individual in a population.

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