Fight prostatitis, prostate cancer & the pathogens that cause you inflammation, discomfort, erectile dysfunction & pain with the EPS (Expressed Prostatic Secretion) Test. Take back control today!

Don’t carry the weight of pathogens on your back – use the EPS Test to rediscover your freedom! – Studio Team

    What is Expressed Prostatic Secretion (EPS) & Why Measure It?

    Your prostate gland secretes many proteins in a prostatic fluid which combines with seminal vesicle-derived fluids (a fluid partly consisting of semen) to form EPS or Expressed Prostatic Secretion. An EPS test allows us to analyze that fluid and test for a whole range of pathogens that might, in the long run, cause health problems as diverse as erectile dysfunction or cancer.

    The Doctors Studio uses an Aperiomics EPS test, because of its’ superior reliability, validity & comprehensive, sophisticated testing abilities. In fact, the Aperiomics EPS test can identify every known bacterium, virus, fungus, and parasite out there, simultaneously scanning for 37, 000 microbiomes in one go! That allows us to get to the root cause of your illness quicker, drilling down to the genuine causes of dysfunction & inflammation, treat previously unsolved medical conditions, and ultimately provide you with a path to excellent patient care.

    The Aperiomics EPS Test: What to Expect

    First, we perform a Digital Rectal Exam (DRE) at our Doctors Studio offices. When the prostate is massaged as part of the DRE, EPS is expressed as a fluid by the penis. Urine and this EPS secretion are then gathered as samples and sent to the Aperiomics Lab for testing & data analysis. The results are sent back to us, at which point we can offer you valuable peace of mind if nothing is amiss  – or rapid, effective treatments & therapies – if bacteria, HPV (Human Papillomavirus), or any other unwanted pathogens – are detected.

    When your EPS sample arrives at The Aperiomics Lab, the Lab uses deep shotgun metagenomic sequencing to create a genetic fingerprint of every known microorganism present in that sample.

    That sequence data is then run through Xplore-IDSM, the industry-leading metagenomic algorithm, and Explore-DBSM, one of the largest and most complete microbial databases available, to simultaneously test for more than 37, 000 microorganisms. This process exhibits an impressive 97% sensitivity and 99.99% specificity rate so you- and we- can place great faith in the data, which, in turn, allows us to embark on the most relevant treatment plan possible (if one is needed).

    Whilst traditional methods of testing are usually infection-specific – that is, they test for a previously determined or suspected infection or microorganism – the Aperiomics EPS Test is infection-agnostic. That means that it conducts a broad range of tests at once, offering an excellent preventative, early warning system for literally thousands of disease-causing microorganisms that often play central roles in the onset of more serious (yet often initially asymptomatic) diseases. Compared to some traditional infection-specific approaches that can miss up to 75% of cases of infection, Aperiomics subsequently thus often offers a far more sophisticated and reliable alternative.

    The Aperiomics Lab also relies on an advanced database, and superior data analytics, to provide you with the most accurate results possible in the fastest possible time.

    Taking Back Control: Preventing Prostate Cancer

    Women are advised to attend a routine smear test as a preventative measure against cervical cancer. With prostate cancer the second most fatal cancer in men (& affecting 1 in every 41 men), why are EPS tests not used in the same way? For this reason, we recommend the use of an EPS Test as a routine, preventative measure even if you are not experiencing any symptoms of ED.

    Sadly, there is no warning when it comes to prostate cancer (a tumor can grow painlessly in the prostate, remaining undetected, for years). By the time you do experience symptoms, cancer may have progressed significantly &/or have undergone metastasis, or require aggressive treatment. Your prostate can act as a breeding ground for prostate cancer because of the growth of pathogens and toxicity within prostate tissue over time, so the importance of remaining proactive in screening cannot be understated.

    Research makes clear that an EPS can help to prevent or vastly improve survival rates in prostate cancer patients. For example, many recent clinical studies have shown that EPS tests are effective in detecting HPV and that HPV is a clear precursor (whether acting as a direct or indirect cause) to the development of prostate cancer. When it comes to cancer, early detection can save lives, so a routine EPS Test might literally present life-changing consequences for you or someone that you love.

    Eradicating Microorganisms & Pathogens

    If your EPS Test detects HPV or any other unwanted microorganism, we can rapidly develop a highly tailored treatment plan that will eradicate it. Our suite of technologically advanced, progressive, technologies includes ozone therapy, custom-made antibiotic courses, anti-viral and anti-fungal cocktails that are injected directly into the prostate. Using these treatments, we can eradicate pathogens, bolster immunity, and prevent the offending virus, microorganism, or pathogen from ever affecting you again. Ongoing EPS serial testing ensures over time that no traces of that microorganism ever return.

    Fighting Chronic Prostatitis

    The EPS Test also offers a powerful weapon in the fight against prostatitis (an often painful inflammation of the prostate gland), because the bacteria and leukocytes present in cases of chronic bacterial prostatitis (CBP) can be detected in EPS.  The formal diagnosis of CBP is a ten-fold increase in EPS secretions, meaning that the Aperiomics Lab EPS Test can not only detect the condition but drill down to the exact causes of it. That allows us to treat the underlying factors causing your prostatitis that much faster, meaning a similarly speedier recovery from the nasty symptoms that this unpleasant condition can cause (e.g., severe pain around the penile area, or the testicles, lower abdomen, anus, or lower back; pain when you pass urine or feces, the need to urinate very frequently, particularly during the night; blood in urine).

    Prostatitis can be bacterial or non-bacterial, and EPS testing can be used to diagnose both kinds of prostatitis alongside prostatodynia (a condition where the prostate is not inflamed, but the patient experiences pain anyway).

    Powerful Benefits of EPS TESTING via the APERIOMICS LAB include:

    • Identification of every known microbiome (bacterium, virus, fungus, parasites) with the simultaneous scanning of 37, 000 microorganisms
    • Treatment of specific infection directly and rapidly, aided by super-accurate information
    • Significant decrease in your risk of prostate cancer, by using EPS as a screening tool for HPV, a known virus that can directly or indirectly cause prostate cancer
    • Provision of a proactive means of controlling the health of your prostate to avoid serious long-term complications if asymptomatic conditions are left unchecked
    • Peace of mind for you and the ones you love.

    Free Yourself from Pathogens!

    Taking an EPS Test at the Doctors Studio provides an incredibly efficient way of preventing prostate cancer, effectively & rapidly diagnosing & treating prostatitis, and safeguarding the overall health of your prostate to minimize the opportunity for bacteria and other pathogens to multiply and cause you serious issues in the future. EPS test data allows us to pinpoint the exact source of your health issues, eradicating pathogens, restoring you to optimized health, and gifting you the priceless peace of mind that a regular EPS screening allows.  

    If you feel that you, or someone you love, might benefit from this ground-breaking technology, contact us today. We look forward to helping you!

    You can not fix a problem you don’t understand. Advanced diagnostics is often necessary to get at the root cause. Once the root cause is identified, the solution becomes possible.

    Dr. Lisbeth Roy, D.O.

    Founder of Doctors Studio

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