Functional Health Report

The functional health report (FHR) is one of the important tools used regularly to support your bio-individual customized treatment plan.

Data-driven decision is the most impactful when we take the entire clinical picture into consideration” ~ Studio Team

    Imagine yourself as a top-of-the-range sports car. Maybe a Lamborghini, or a Ferrari. You wouldn’t miss an MOT, and you’d expect that MOT to cover all performance-related & functional capabilities, from details as simple as a basic oil check to a sophisticated & comprehensive analysis of engine quality. Why? So that you could achieve & sustain an optimized level of performance. When it comes to supercars, performance, ingenuity, craftsmanship & an eye for perfection are exactly what you need. 

    So why should a physiological health check of your body be any different? The answer is that it shouldn’t. Your body is far more sophisticated than any supercar, embodying a work of biological artistry that demands the highest attention & care. Our Functional Health Report respects what your body needs, utilizing a sophisticated Functional Blood Chemistry analysis that drills down into the ways in which complex & comprehensive blood biomarkers are organized, analyzed, interrelated, and interpreted. The resulting Functional Health Report provides the most comprehensive assessment of your health possible.


    Why Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis?

    Blood tests undertaken at your primary physicians’ office can often lead to results that don’t show any dysfunction, even though you might be feeling more fatigued, or unwell, than usual. Often, the reason for this lies in the fact that when your results fall in a ‘normal range, you will be told that you are ‘normal’. To many physicians, ‘normal’ or ‘average’ equals ‘healthy’. This is something of a philosophical rather than a medical concept to us. As peak performance specialists, we are interested in optimizing health, and results that fall into an ‘average’ category might – in your case – signal that something is wrong, that there has been deterioration, inflammation, dysfunction, or the onset of disease. That your body is performing sub-optimally. And the truth is, you deserve to achieve more than sub-optimal health if you really want to enjoy life.

    We also need to know as soon as we can if a minor dysfunction occurs – before it becomes something more serious – so that we can treat it and restore you back to health as soon as possible. Sometimes, a blood test that returns a ‘normal’ result might, in your case, be reflective of deeper degeneration. Our Functional Blood Chemistry analysis will empower us to make that call as to whether it requires further investigation or treatment.

    Normal isn’t Good Enough…Optimized Is.

    The simple truth is that most ‘normal’ ranges against which your blood test data is compared are too wide to effectively detect health problems, at least in their earlier stages (when the opportunity for intervention & a complete cure with minimal drugs or surgeries) is still available. Most orthodox tests only pick up the existence of disease when symptoms become physically manifest (e.g., when a lump grows large enough for you to feel it during a testicle or breast self-examination in the shower) and by this point, the disease has developed to the point where treatment options might already have narrowed, and side effects might be expected to be serious.

    We are most interested in detecting dysfunction before it becomes disease, and in allowing you to achieve optimized – not average – health. We are interested in seeing physiological changes as they occur to work out acceptable and optimized benchmarks for you – not for the average population. We are all unique individuals, and our Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis recognizes and respects that fact.

    What is a ‘Functional’ Approach?

    A functional approach differs from a regular blood screening in that it centers around physiological – and not pathological – changes. What does this mean? Well, first we use benchmarks and statistical data ranges that fall into optimized categories, not ‘average’ categories. This tighter ‘Functional Physiological Range’ allows us to pinpoint data that suggests that something is not quite right when it comes to specific physiological systems that are associated with each blood biomarker. This allows us to cross-reference different physiological data scores and identify whether there are areas of concern that simply would not show up on a basic blood test result.

    Functional Physiological Ranges allow us to create your personalized Functional Health Report, which uses a detailed algorithmic analysis to analyze & interpret results, uncovering even tiny anomalies & unusual patterns between biomarkers, revealing subtle, web-like patterns hidden within the data that signal causes for concern – but which would undoubtedly have been missed using a regular blood test. These subtle physiological shifts & anomalies can often indicate the very first sign of dysfunction at its earliest possible stage, offering us an unrivaled opportunity to swiftly treat that dysfunction before it progresses to a more complex disease or pathology.

    These Functional Physiological Range scores offer us a level of sophistication that then allows us to effectively identify any physiological, biomechanical, or metabolic anomalies that would obstruct you and your body from achieving optimized health. As our analysis is not linear (i.e., not limited to just looking at one individual biomarker at a time), we are able to observe trends that emerge between individual biomarkers as those patterns can, in themselves, tell us a great deal.

    A key difference between our tests and orthodox blood tests? Health, for us, means optimization of wellness and peak performance – not simply the absence of disease.

    Blood Test Results: What You Can Expect

    Your Functional Health Report includes a comprehensive Blood Test Result panel represented in easy-to-read tables that provide you with an optimization score on a scale from Alarm Low to Alarm High for a range of biomarkers. Provided with a previous & current range, our Functional Report allows you to track progress over time, also allowing us a data-driven means of justifying & monitoring ongoing treatments, therapies & interventions. The clarity of results makes it easier for you to see exactly which physiological changes and biomarkers are being analyzed, and why, empowering you to become more of an active, informed, partner in our treatment of your health, rather than simply a passive recipient of blood tests results.

    Blood Test Results Comparative

      What we test for:

      • Glucose
      • Hemoglobin A1C (used to test for and diagnose prediabetes & diabetes)
      • Insulin – Fasting (a possible indicator of diabetes and pancreas function)
      • BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen) (When your kidneys are not functioning optimally, they cannot remove urea from the blood properly and BUN levels rise. A high BUN score can indicate heart failure, dehydration, or a significantly misbalanced diet, whereas liver disease or dysfunction can significantly lower BUN scores).
      • Creatinine (a waste product that comes from wear-and-tear of the muscles in the body. A high level can signal that the kidneys might not be working properly).
      • BUN/Creatinine Ratio (a BUN to creatinine ratio should usually fall in the 10:1 and 20:1 range with an increased ratio a possible indicator of a health condition, such as dehydration or congestive heart failure, that causes a decrease in the flow of blood to the kidneys).
      • PSA – Total (PSA is a Prostate Specific Antigen, a protein produced by normal & malignant cells in the prostate. A 4.0-10.0 ng/mL reading is considered suspicious and a clear indicator of dysfunction that might lead to the onset of prostate cancer).
      • eGFR Non. Afr. American (an estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate measures functionality of the kidneys)
      • Sodium (sodium levels are critical to maintaining a healthy water balance in & around your cells. It is also essential for muscle & nerve function & helps to stabilize blood pressure).
      • Potassium (essential for many functions including heart health)
      • Sodium/Potassium Ratio (indicates potential hypertension issues)
      • Chloride (suboptimal levels can indicate the presence of dysfunction relating to kidney disease, heart failure or heart issues, liver disease & high blood pressure)
      • CO2 (too little or too high CO2 in the blood can indicate a range of health issues. Hypercapnia – elevated levels – can offer a powerful indicator of dysfunction
      • Anion Gap (uncovers imbalances in electrolytes that can lead to acidosis – too much acid in the blood – or alkalosis – too little acid in the blood).
      • Uric Acid – Males (elevated levels can indicate kidney dysfunction)
      • Protein – Total (elevated levels can indicate nutritional problems, liver or kidney dysfunction, or disease)
      • Albumin (abnormal levels can explain a range of dysfunctional side-effects & suggest liver or kidney problems, or a nutritional deficiency)
      • Globulin – total (suboptimal levels can indicate kidney & liver dysfunction, malabsorption of nutrients or malnutrition, immune dysfunction & cancer)
      • Albumin/Globulin Ratio (an imbalance can signify inflammation, live problems, and a heightened risk of cancer)
      • Calcium (levels of calcium can indicate overall bone health, heart, nerve, kidney & other organ health)

      The Functional Health Report also includes a Clinical Dysfunctions Report that profiles potential areas of concern.

      It includes all biomarkers included in our algorithmic analysis, & provides a rationale used to interpret your results & draw inferences from them. For example, the example in the image below profiles an individual whose likelihood of Metabolic Syndrome dysfunction is 100%, based on reported increased triglyceride levels, increased total cholesterol, increased LDL (Low-Density Lipoproteins), & an increase in fasting glucose levels.

      Clinical Dysfunctions Details

      A clear graphic representation is always included alongside a rationale, and a list of biomarkers included in the analysis, that supports the suggestion of a particular dysfunction or health threat. This is designed to be convenient for us and empowering for you, again enabling you to feel like a partner in the testing & treatment of your own health, where results are clear & understandable and advised treatment & therapy options seem immediately logical.

      What Can I Expect?

      • Firstly, we draw a sample of blood (or use results taken from a previous test). We then enter your blood biomarker results into the Blood Chemistry Software system, which processes results using a complex algorithm. Relying on the latest research & practice, your unique biomarker data is profiled using ground-breaking, industry-leading analytical and logical methods. Using the Blood Chemistry Software algorithm engine, the software utilizes cutting-edge scoring, weighting, inferential, probability, uncertainty & other mathematical and statistical analyses to create a complex, insightful, and highly accurate blood biomarker profile for you.
      • You will immediately be able to observe your results – which are not only insightful but also accurate & delivered to you rapidly. We think you’ll agree that your results really have that WOW factor, too – packed full of graphs, tables, images & super-fascinating information about your own health. In fact, this might just be the first blood test you really enjoy!


      Benefits of a Functional Health Report:

      The benefits of opting for a Functional Health Report at the Doctors Studio are numerous. Firstly, you are choosing a path where health is not simply the absence of disease, but the optimization of your personal metabolic, cellular, physiological & biological health. That is how we can optimize not only your health, and performance, but also your satisfaction, happiness, and overall experience of life. Other benefits include:

      • Accurate and validated information specific to YOU!
      • Identification of even subtle sub-optimal biomarker results that can detect the presence of early dysfunction that can allow us to intervene before those dysfunctions turn into disease
      • Detect very early changes in health with computer-generated interpretation based on real-time science
      • Comparisons of YOUR results overtime in an easy-to-read report
      • Treatment strategy recommendations specifically made for YOUR result
      • Empowers you to feel like a partner in your own testing & treatment rather than a passive recipient of test data
      • A more sophisticated & complex analysis than regular linear blood testing allows.

      Ultimately, we consider the Functional Health Report to be one of the important tools that we can use to support your bio-individual customized treatment plan. In a league of its own, this innovative, comprehensive blood testing tool allows us to deliver the results that you need when you need them, & in a way that makes sense to you.

      The Doctors Studio is KNOWN for helping clients get great results – and our use of cutting-edge, data-driven analytic tools such as the Functional Health Report is just one reason why.

      Invest in Your Health – and Choose to Invest Wisely!

      Your health is an investment, and a Functional Health Report offers excellent returns on that investment. Our Functional Health Report allows us to provide a SPOT-ON analysis of your health, focusing on optimization & the complex way that your body changes over time. When it comes to drilling down to the root cause of any kind of dysfunction & disease, the Functional Health Report allows us to create an excellent and empowering individual strategy for YOU that optimizes your health rather than simply writing off your results as falling within the ‘average’ range, and therefore ‘okay’. Our opinion is this: you are not average, and okay is simply not good enough for you. Optimization is.

      Functional Health Reports. We are IN IT TO WIN IT for you! Contact us today for more information if you or someone you love would benefit from receiving a comprehensive functional blood biomarker analysis.

      You can not fix a problem you don’t understand. Advanced diagnostics is often necessary to get at the root cause. Once the root cause is identified, the solution becomes possible.

      Dr. Lisbeth Roy, D.O.

      Founder of Doctors Studio

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