Functional Medical Examination

The functional medical exam is of great importance. We use tools that help us to look even deeper to find the root cause of the problem holding you back from total health and wellness!

We take the physical examination very seriously.

We use high-tech tools such as HRV, Body Composition, Bio-resonance, Glycocheck, and other in-office diagnostic tools like Medical thermography, CIMT, PDDU, qEEG, and more to understand you at a deeper level.

    Functional Medicine Approach to Assessment

    The Studio team combines skill, passion, experience, and validated tools to understand where you stand. A Functional Medicine Assessment focuses on your fundamental core clinical functions using in-depth history taking, a functionally focused physical examination, and uncommon laboratory testing.

    Restoring you to wellness and helping you to live your full potential is often like peeling an onion.

    Over time, layers of subtle dysfunction accumulate until you are experiencing symptoms. When your primary physician or even specialists get involved, they will typically “label” your problem if it has progressed far enough to fit into a category. They may even medicate you, treating the symptoms but doing NOTHING to fix the actual cause.

    There are multiple factors to be considered when uncovering subtle imbalances.


    Core Clinical Functions:

    Are the fundamental physiological processes that keep all of us alive. The core clinical functions are influenced by the environment, genes, and mental state. When imbalanced, they can lead to symptoms and then disease. It is within these core clinical imbalances that the root cause for all chronic illnesses may be found. The seven core clinical functions are:

    • Assimilation (digestion, absorption, microbiome)
    • Defense & Repair (immune system and inflammation)
    • Energy (energy regulation and mitochondrial function)
    • Biotransformation & Elimination (toxicity and detoxification)
    • Communication (hormones, neurotransmitters, immune messengers, cognition)
    • Transport (cardiovascular and lymphatic systems)
    • Structural Integrity (from subcellular membranes to musculoskeletal system)

    Environmental Inputs:

    Some researchers have estimated that up to 80% of chronic disease risk is attributable to lifestyle. To address chronic disease, you must address lifestyle. Some major modifiable lifestyle factors are:
    • the quality of the water you use
    • the quality of the air you breathe
    • the quality of the food you eat
    • the type of diet you follow
    • your level of physical activity
    • your amount and quality of sleep
    • previous and ongoing exposure to toxins
    • traumas you have experienced (physical, mental, and emotional)


    Every person has a unique set of genes that may cause varying levels of susceptibility to disease. Although having a genetic blueprint on a patient is helpful in assessing disease, it is important to realize that your DNA is not your destiny. New research has shown that gene expression is influenced by many factors in the environment as well as the experiences, attitudes, and beliefs of the patient. This is epigenetics. People can change the way their genes are activated and expressed through their actions.

    Mind-Body Elements:

    Social, psychological, and spiritual factors (particularly how the patient responds to stress in their life) can have an immense influence on health. Incorporating these elements is essential for a truly holistic approach to the patient.



    Practicing Functional Medicine entails casting a wide net with regard to an individual’s history and physical exam to look for the underlying causes of their present complaints.

    Likewise, careful laboratory investigation using functional labs that reveal “fixable” imbalances may be needed to corroborate the clinical findings. Mapping all pertinent findings, identifying not only areas needing to be addressed but the order in which they should be addressed.





    We start by mapping history and physical exam findings and documenting your wellness timeline, then use laboratory findings to prioritize treatment focus.

    It isn’t until the cause is identified and a strategy is in place to eliminate the cause and repair and restore function, that you will truly heal, recover and move on to be better than you were. It takes an investigation to unravel the “mystery” and to create “real” change.



    “The functional exam is the tool needed to develop a full understanding of what happened and what needs to be done.”


    The work that is put into understanding the problem will yield a very high-value return on investment.

    Early and complete understanding of the problem facilitates a faster resolution, a more complete solution, greater satisfaction, a clear purpose, and abundant reward.


    Membership and unlimited consultation benefits:

    • Time to review past history, past intervention, and experiences
    • Interest in the entire story and sequence of events so that a root “cause” can be found
    • Team approach as collaborating professionals in favor of best possible results and outcome
    • Frequent interaction, monitoring, follow up and adjustments made




    You can not fix a problem you don’t understand. Advanced diagnostics is often necessary to get at the root cause. Once the root cause is identified, the solution becomes possible.

    Dr. Lisbeth Roy, D.O.

    Founder of Doctors Studio

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